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Goodies and Gifts 100% Touchless Fundraiser - Direct Ship to Home Fundraiser

In response to COVID-19, we are offering a 100% touchless fundraiser with 100's of items! Online stores are available for Spring/Summer and Fall/Holiday and offer hundreds of items. A sampling of items can be viewed here:  Spring/Summer  Fall/Holiday   Call us to view the online store!

Profit: Earn up to a 40% Profit on items purchased

Upfront Costs: None!

Donations Tab: Optional - 70% profit

Registration Online: Yes. Register by phone, tablet, or computer.

Send Invites: Email generator to email friends, share on social media, text link to contacts

Online Ordering: Yes. Spring/Summer and Fall/Holiday stores.

Home Delivery: Yes. Orders ship directly to the buyer.

Price Range: All items are priced at $10-$32 

Number of Items: Hundreds of assorted items and donation options are available online in addition to the items displayed in the brochure.

Description: All items are shelf-stable: Seasonal Items, Home Decor, Jewelry, Candles, Flowers, Gift Wrap, Kitchen Helpers, Dry Mixes, Chocolates, Snack Cans, Cheeses, Beef Sticks and Sausages, Shelf Stable Cookies, and Gummis, and so much more!

Recommended: Groups of any size 

Brochures and Collection Envelopes: Optional, and are shipped free. Contact us if you wish to add brochures to your online store 

Minimum Order: None

Shipping Fee:  Based on customer orders, paid by the customer.

Customer Payments:  Credit Card or Debit Card

FALL/HOLIDAY: Click on image above to view a sampling of our fall online items

Goodies and Gifts Touchless Fundraiser Profit

Sell 400+ items - Earn 40% 

Sell 300-399 items - Earn 38% 

Sell 200-299 items - Earn 35%

Sell 150-199 items - Earn 30%

Sell 120-149 items - Earn 25%

Shipping: Paid by customers - No cost for your group!

Increase your sales by promoting our Online Store along with your brochure sales.  2 store options: include this brochure only, or add our full-line online store with 400+ items

Virtual Online Fundraiser.jpg

How Does the Goodies and Gifts 100% Touchless Fundraiser Work?

Easy Fundraising Steps from Start to Finish: 

- Your school or organization can sign up by clicking on this link:   SIGN UP NOW

- There is no need for anyone to sell face-to-face with a brochure and order form. An online fundraising store is an incredible option that can help your sellers expand their sales well beyond your local community by inviting friends and family throughout the U.S. to support their fundraiser!

- The sign-up form is simple and once completed, your online store will immediately be activated, and you'll be ready to raise funds! Important: Your fundraiser starts when you invite your sellers and promote it, so setting it up ahead of time is not a problem! Your online fundraiser ends when you tell us to turn it off.

- You are moments away from your online fundraiser with hundreds of fun and unique items for your supporters.

- There is no upfront cost or obligation and once you start, your purchases immediately earn profit for your group. Your organization will earn up to a 40% profit on the retail dollar sold. Your organization has the option to accept cash donations when you sign up. Your organization will earn a 70% profit on cash donations.


Promoting your Online Fundraising Store:

You will receive a unique Group ID for your online store. Chairperson/coordinators will need to invite their participants to register as a seller. Invite your participants to visit the online store, enter your code, and click on a link to register as a seller.  

Participants will then invite friends and family to visit the online store and shop. Participants can share the website and code by sending emails, texts, Facebook posts, creating a Facebook event, sending invites by Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

They will go to the website, enter in your organization’s code, select the name of the seller, and then shop!

As the chairperson/coordinator of your organization, you can invite and build a team of sellers to promote your fundraiser. You’ll receive login information where you can see the sales for each seller.

Great Selection of Items! Choose our Online Fundraiser Store with all items or customize for just cookies, just popcorn, etc.

The Goodies and Gifts 100% Virtual Online Fundraiser offers a large assortment of products to sell. Your customers will choose from cookies, dry mixes, chocolates, snack cans, cheeses, wild game sausage, and beef sticks, gift wrap, home décor, jewelry, jewelry, candles, books, dip mixes, pretzels, funnel cake mix, muffins, soup mixes, pizza recipes, cinnamon roll baking kit, Gummi candies, many kitchen items and more.

If you opt to allow orders to ship to your organization you can ask us to include frozen items such as Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough, pizza, etc. Items in our 100% Virtual Fundraiser will vary throughout the year and may include:

Bath & Body:

Books:  Qty 12-18 - Cookbooks, Puzzle Books, Brain Games, Coloring Books, Keepsake Books, Natural Remedies, & more

Candles & Wax Melts:  Qty 12-18 - Variety of Scents

Chocolates:  Qty 12-18 - Milk and Dark Chocolate, Pecanbacks, Katydids, Coconut Dreams, Mint Penguins, Bon Bons, more!

Coffee:  Qty 8 - Boston's Best and Wicked Awesome ground coffee and K-Cups

Cookies (Baking Mixes):  Qty 6-10 - Homemade Gourmet and Classic Cookies Dry Mixes

Cookies (Ready to Eat):  Qty 18-24 - Mini Cookies, Soft-Baked Cookies, Mega Brownies, Mega Cookies

Desserts/Pretzels:  Qty 2-6 - Cinnamon Roll Kit, Funnel Cake Mix, Ben's Soft Pretzels

Donations (optional category):  $20 $50, $100 options (organization received 70% of donations)

Flowers and Seeds: Seasonal variety of items are offered Feb-April

Gourmet Dry Mixes:  Qty 18-24 - Soup, Chili, Cheese Ball Trio, Cheesecake Trio, Louisiana Gumbo, Apple Crisp, and more!

Gourmet Popcorn:  Qty 18-20 - Poppin Popcorn Gallon and Half-Gallon Bags, a large variety of flavors

Holiday Items:  Qty 12-15 - Gift Wrap, Gift Bags, Gift Tags, Window Boxes, Storage Containers, Decor, Mugs, & more

Home Decor:  Qty 12-15 - Wall Art, Picture Frames, Day of the Week Chalkboard, Family & Friends Birthday, Family Rules, and more

Jewelry: Qty 18-24 - Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Swarovski

Kitchen Items: Qty 108-114 - Too many to list! Ask for a code to view our online store!

Face Masks: Qty 7 -Assorted Colors and Prints

Snacks: Qty 24-30 - Gummie Bears and Worms, Beef and Wild Game Sticks and Sausages, Cheese Spreads, Snack Cans

Toys & Games: Qty 72-80 - Something for everyone!     

Student Success:

The key to a successful online fundraiser is to assure your students register as a seller and be sure they use many options to invite all their friends and family to shop on your Goodies and Gifts online fundraising store. We highly recommend encouraging your participants to send out messages on the first day your sale starts. Because people are forgetful or may need to be asked more than once before purchasing, we recommend asking your participants to send out emails and posts as a reminder halfway through your sale. A few days before the end of your sale, a last chance to order a reminder should be sent. As a chairperson, sending reminders to your participants will be the key to success.

Brochure Fundraising Option:

This program can be 100% touchless but should you decide to also offer a traditional brochure fundraiser contact us and we can ship our Heartland Goodies & Gifts, Heartland Sweets, or Heartland Cheese & Sausage brochures to you so you can opt to have a traditional fundraiser with online fundraising sales. Should you combine online fundraising sales with a brochure sale, the items purchased, whether Online Ship-to-Group or Brochure Sales, are applied to the 400-item requirement for free shipping. For example, if a group sells 200 items ship-to-home, and 200 items ship-to-group, your group would meet the 400-item goal. Adding a traditional brochure sale is risk-free! Call us at 860-384-3691 to choose your brochure(s).

Click on brochures to view some items in our online store

Spring Fundraiser Brochure Heartland Goodies and Gifts 2024 .jpg
Christmas Fundraiser Heartland Goodies and Gifts Brochure (1).jpg


Sell 400+ items - Earn 40% 

Sell 300-399 items - Earn 38% 

Sell 200-299 items - Earn 35%

Sell 150-199 items - Earn 30%

Sell 120-149 items - Earn 25%

Setting Goals and Tips to Increase Sales:

Explain your fundraising goal with your members and be sure they know you are counting on their participation. Set a minimum number of items for each participant to sell. Offer an incentive or have a drawing for a prize. For example, for every 5 items sold a participant will receive a ticket for a chance to win a drawing. With 100% Virtual Fundraisers, encourage your friends and family to share your online store with others to further increase your sales. 


Closing your Fundraiser:

At the conclusion of your selling period (we recommend 2-4 weeks) let us know and we'll close your online store. We'll send you a check for your profit with sales reports. If you are offering a 100% Virtual Fundraiser, we can keep your store open for several months. Call us for more information.

Have questions? Ready to get started?  Please call us! 

 We're committed to your success and we'll be here to work with you through each step of your fundraiser.  We offer extended office hours:

Monday-Friday 9 am - 9 pm and Sat-Sun 11 am - 6 pm EST  

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