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 Chocolate Fundraising Ideas

 Preferred Sweets Chocolate Fundraisers and Chocolate Fundraising and More!

Chocolate Fundraiser Brochures - Brochure, Online, and 100% Touchless

Are you looking for new chocolate fundraiser ideas?  Our chocolate fundraisers can be offered year-round, but in summer months, shipping may be delayed during high temperatures.  A chocolate fundraiser is a great fundraising idea, especially in the spring for Easter, and for fall back-to-school fundraisers. You'll receive free shipping with low minimum requirements,  you will receive FREE brochures, order forms, collection envelopes, and FREE pack-by-seller.  Learn more by clicking on the links below.  Contact us for more information or request brochures to get started right away!​

Heartland Sweets Fundraiser.jpg
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Heartland Sweets Chocolate Fundraiser

NEW! It makes sense to offer a variety of items when selling chocolates! Now all your supporters will want to purchase just chocolates, so why not offer some additional selections to choose from?  Your supporters will be tempted to purchase multiple items as well. Our Heartland Sweets chocolate fundraiser idea offers a wonderful selection of 29 chocolates, gummie candies, mini cookies, and snack cans priced at $14-$22.  Your customers will appreciate offering Heartland Sweets when entertaining throughout the holidays, for gift-giving, and for your family's enjoyment in your own home. This brochure is a great option for groups searching for a food fundraiser that does not require refrigeration.

Chocolate Fundraisers Plus More!   Brochures, Online, and 100% Touchless

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Gourmet Goodness - Chocolate Fundraiser and more!

This program will work best for a chocolate fundraiser if you have only a few sellers.  Be sure to view our Gourmet Goodness brochure to see 12 lovely pages filled with 50 items including ChocolatesCheese,  Sausage, Snacks, Nuts, Gummi Candies, and mixes for cookies, brownies, soup, dips, cheesecakes, funnel cake, and more.  You'll earn 40% Profit, there are No Minimums, and you'll receive FREE brochures, FREE Youth Prize Programs, FREE Pack-by-Seller, and FREE Shipping.  Enjoy Gourmet Goodness and your successful fundraiser!

Helpful Tips!

Tip!  If you are planning a fall fundraiser and want to offer a chocolate fundraiser, we suggest planning ahead and to start early!  Best sales are those fundraisers that start early September followed by October.  To allow enough time for selling, closing, and packing and shipping, your order coffee fundraiser order should be submitted to us by immediately following Thanksgiving.

Tip!  We suggest considering one of our many brochures which offer many other items in addition to chocolates to offer more variety of items. Offering a larger selection of items will most likely increase your overall sales to help your organization to raise more money.  

Tip!   To achieve the greatest profit we suggest setting a minimum number of items to be sold by each seller.  Requesting 10-20 items as a minimum per seller is suggested.  Encourage your participants to invite their extended family members, neighbors, friends, etc to help them sell.

Tip!   For organizations with 30 or more participants, we suggest considering our Reserve Collection, and Extravaganza brochure which include a wide variety of items including chocolates.  

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Heartland Home Collection Fundraiser - Chocolates & more!

NEW! It makes sense to offer a variety of items when selling chocolates! Now all your supporters will want to purchase chocolates, so why not offer some additional selections to choose from?  Your supporters will be tempted to purchase multiple items as well.  With 90 shelf-stable items, our 20-Page fundraising brochure offers pre-baked cookies, mega cookies, mini cookies, cookie dough mixes, chocolates, soup mixes, dip mixes, muffins, snack cans, pound cake, cheeses, wild game sausages, wild game beef sticks, coffee and tea, cinnamon rolls, and more.  This brochure is a great option for groups searching for a food fundraiser but does not have refrigerated storage. 

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Otis Spunkmeyer (3).jpg

Extravaganza Fundraiser 

Why not offer chocolates plus a larger selection of items for your customers to choose from? Achieve higher participation and higher sales with our Extravaganza fundraising brochure. With a large selection of chocolates, cookies, and a whole lot more, your participants will be able to achieve higher sales. Offers 36 pages of wonderful items to appeal to every supporter!  

Happy Spring Fundraiser Brochure.jpg

Happy Spring Fundraiser

With 71 items offered, including most items under $15, our 24-page Spring fundraising brochure is a great choice to raise money for your organization this spring season!  Offering high-quality, affordably priced items will be easy to sell and very much appreciated by your supporters. Your organization will be proud to offer a selection of traditional, new, and unique items including beautiful plants, bulbs & seeds, gift-wrap, dozens of unique kitchen items, gifts, totes, snacks, chocolates, gourmet dip mixes, and more. You'll find a large variety of healthy, earth-friendly, made-in-the-USA items and you'll receive a 50% profit on most items, free shipping, and no upfront costs! 

Heartland Goodies and Gifts Spring Fundraiser Brochure.jpg

Heartland Goodies & Gifts Spring Collection Fundraiser

Our largest spring fundraising brochure. Be sure to view the brochure to see the lovely selections including chocolates, cookies, candles, chocolates, jewelry pieces, kitchen items, just-for-kids items, home accents, snacks, pretzels, cinnamon roll baking kit, soup and dip mixes, cheese, sausage and more. Includes 36 pages with over 100 items.  All items are affordably priced at $10-$30 with most items priced at $15 or less!  Our brochure is filled with beautiful pages reminiscent of fun and exciting sunny days! Combine with our online sales and you'll be able to offer your supporters hundreds of additional items to choose from.  Earn up to a 40% profit on all your sales.

Chocolate Fundraisers have been one of the best options for simple, easy, and high-profit fundraising

Chocolate fundraising has been around for many years because it works and provides a simple, delicious, and profitable way to raise money for your group or organization.  For years, organizations across the country have been raising the money they need to support their programs by holding successful chocolate fundraisers.  Whether they are raising money for sports equipment, new uniforms, band equipment, or for travel, chocolate and snack fundraisers have been the key to keeping their programs going strong.  

Chocolate fundraising is an extremely effective way to raise money because people make a donation, and they get a delicious piece or selection of chocolate for that donation.  Chocolate fundraising works very well because the participants who are selling chocolate fundraisers are not having to beg friends and family for money.  They are giving something delicious in exchange for a donation.  Parents also don't worry so much about their children approaching other family members to buy chocolates for their fundraisers rather than asking for money.  The reality is that most people do not mind giving their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, and neighbors some money for a good cause and for some chocolates. 

We are proud to offer an exciting variety of chocolates.  Call us and we can help match you with a brochure that will work best for your organization, whether your organization is large or small.

Everyone loves chocolates!  They are so easy to sell and are a great fundraising idea!  Chocolate fundraisers are so successful that many organizations hold a chocolate fundraiser more than once a year.  Whether it is Preferred Sweets or Chocolate Indulgence, people of all ages love chocolate and chocolate fundraisers are an excellent choice for organizations searching for a fundraising idea. Chocolate fundraisers continue to sell very well and many groups continue to hold chocolate fundraisers year after year because they know they can count on doing very well selling chocolates.  

For Fall fundraising, Chocolate Fundraisers are a perfect choice for promoting sales for Thanksgiving and for Christmas gift-giving.  We highly recommend starting early for the best results.  Beat the competition and promote your chocolate fundraiser for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Years of experience have proven that the most successful fundraisers are those held earlier in the fall season.  Chocolate fundraisers ship quickly, unlike cookie dough, and work well when you need to receive your delivery quickly after closing your fundraising sales.  When possible, we do recommend starting your fundraiser earlier in the season to lessen the competition of the many organizations that hold their fundraiser in November for Christmas.  For the highest sales, we suggest starting your fundraiser earlier in the fall.  

For Spring fundraising, every month during the spring is a great time to be holding a chocolate fundraiser.  Chocolate fundraisers are especially recommended for early spring when you can promote them for Easter and Mother's Day. 

Did you know?  Chocolate fundraising is such a perfect choice for organizations looking for new fundraising ideas.  Not only do most people purchase chocolate they also love it and enjoy buying their favorites time and time again plus they like to try additional flavors each time you offer them an opportunity to purchase again.  For many schools, sports teams, and youth organizations a chocolate fundraiser is a traditional event and they repeat yearly because of the high sales they achieve when holding a chocolate fundraiser.  Little did they know after the first fundraiser that they would come back time and time again because their supporters ask when another chocolate fundraiser will be held so they can purchase more of their favorite chocolates.  When you can offer a premium quality product at an affordable price, and an item that's consumable and people want more, you've found the right fundraising idea that will assure success.

We researched to find a variety of chocolate fundraisers.  We have purposely selected a variety of chocolate fundraisers to offer you premium quality, delectable choices, and affordable fundraisers.  Whether you want a higher-priced program to generate greater sales on each item sold or a more affordable program we can provide that to you.   

Quality, Convenience, and dependability top the charts!  With our programs, you can count on inventory to be in stock, your order to be processed and shipped accurately, and you can anticipate shipment of your chocolates generally within 2 weeks for bulk orders, 3-4 weeks for pack-by-seller orders.  They will immediately enter a new order for any damaged items you may receive.  You can expect your delivery to be accurate and rarely are any items missing.  

Our Chocolate Fundraisers provide 40% profit, and orders with the qualified low minimum to place an order will receive free shipping!  With the qualified minimums, you will qualify for free shipping and your profit will be 40%.   We have done the research and we are confident we are providing you with the best chocolate fundraising programs!

Packed-By-Seller -  Your organization will receive FREE Pack By-Seller at no additional charge.  Pack-By-Seller makes distribution a breeze for school fundraisers, sports team fundraising, band fundraisers, etc. 

Purchase Orders -  If your school's policy is to require submitting a purchase order a public school purchase order is accepted with a 15-day payment agreement.    

No Upfront Costs There are no fees to get started with our chocolate fundraisers.  Chocolate fundraising brochures are free and we'll ship one brochure for each seller.  If the total number of items sold is less than the number of brochures shipped a small fee per brochure for the shortage may be charged for our Poppin' Popcorn orders. Due to the cost of purchasing and shipping the brochures to you, we do require that you are 100% committed to doing the fundraiser and that you do not cancel. 

Minimums and Case Requirements - Minimums are low and vary by the brochure.  There are no case requirements and we will ship only the number of items you need.  

A Note About Shipping - When it comes to shipping charges be careful in choosing a chocolate fundraising company.  Some companies don't disclose all their terms for shipping.  Initially, the percentage of profit may appear to be high but once you deduct your shipping costs the net profit will be much less. 


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