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Learn More About Best Fundraising Ideas!  We'll Help You to Raise More Money!

Discover what sets Best Fundraising Ideas apart from other fundraising companies!

Are you searching for the best fundraising ideas to raise money for your organization?  You needn't look any further. With a wide variety of fundraising programs, we can help any size organization achieve a successful fundraiser!  

If you are searching for the best fundraising companies look no further!  We've done the research for you and we offer the best variety of programs available. Our beginning was simple, representing the candle fundraising program now known as La-Tee-Da! Fundraising. We've produced candles and other fragrance items for fundraising companies, major retail stores, and direct sales companies such as Celebrating Home, Home Interiors, and Home & Garden Party. Since then, Best Fundraising Ideas has grown significantly and we now offer more than 50 fundraising brochures for your organization to choose from. Whether you are searching for candles, cookie dough, coffee, Christmas shoppers, home decor, jewelry, pies, cheesecakes, pretzels, snacks, pizza, chocolates, Cinnabon rolls, online fundraising, etc. be sure to view the numerous product lines we can offer you! In response to the Coronavirus, we are expanding even further in order to provide you with the best programs available. As a National Sales Director for La-Tee-Da! Fundraising and owner of Best-Fundraising-Ideas, we look forward to working with you for years to come!  

Image of Deb Murray, National Fundraising Representative

If you're looking for an experienced representative to work personally with without having to speak to a different customer service rep each time you call and you want to work with proven fundraising companies for school fundraising ideas, sports teams, or any other organizations, look no further!  I invite you to discover what sets us apart from other fundraising websites. Since 2002, I have been dedicated to working with organizations across the continental U.S. in raising money for their organizations.  I take pride in having worked with thousands of organizations including schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups, relay for life, bands, and a variety of other organizations. I'll take time to work with you in helping you to find the best programs that will work best for your size organization, to find programs that your sellers will be interested in, programs that will work with your schedule. 

I'm very proud of the contributions I have made in helping organizations raise money as well as the contributions I've made in the development of a variety of fundraising programs.  I worked exclusively with Celebrating Home (also recognized as Home Interiors and Home & Garden Party) for many years, concentrated solely on the fundraising division, and held the record for highest fundraising sales in company history.  Today, we represent several product lines to offer you more choices.  I was instrumental in working directly with the corporate office in product and brochure development, expanding the product line, initiated and assisted in the development of an online fundraising and youth prize program, presorting shipping, and training.  I served on the Celebrating Home Advisory Council since its inception.  As we continue to grow and develop a variety of fundraising programs I'm confident you’ll be pleased with our programs and your supporters will be too!  Today, we offer something for everyone and whether you are searching for candle fundraising ideas, cookie dough fundraising ideas, Christmas Shopper fundraising ideas, candy fundraising ideas, coffee fundraising ideas, etc., my commitment is to provide you with the best experience possible in anticipation of working together for years to come. 


Our programs have been specially designed to offer schools and youth programs a highly effective, easy, and rewarding way to reach the increasing financial needs they face today.  Simple to use, our programs offer a fabulous variety of easy to sell items and presorting options you'll love!  We look forward to sharing our information with you and hopefully partnering with you in your upcoming fundraiser.  Our focus is to provide our fundraising organizations with an easy program that provides high-quality products, excellent customer service, and results that will exceed your fundraising expectations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  We welcome your call day, evening, or weekend. From your initial consideration to your kick-off, to the delivery of your products we truly appreciate the opportunity to service you and guide you through each step of your fundraiser to assure success.  


With a background as a national top fundraising selling representative 2003-2015 with Celebrating Home Fundraising, previously known as Home Interiors Fundraising and Home and Garden Party, you can plan your fundraiser with confidence by calling me today.  You will know you are working with a proven, experienced, and dedicated representative.  Simply complete the Sales Agreement for the program you choose and submit it by fax or postal mail.  Your brochures will immediately and you can begin your fundraiser in just a few days.  In starting your fundraiser, we'll guide you through each step and provide you with all the paperwork you'll need to support your fundraiser. You have my commitment to process your order as quickly as possible.  Once ordered, your fundraising items will ship to you directly from the distribution centers and I'll be able to keep you informed as to when to expect your delivery.  From start to finish, you can contact me day, evenings, and weekends. 

We look forward to helping you raise money for your organization!

Deb Anderson

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