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 Coffee Fundraising Ideas

Bostons Best Coffee Fundraiser and Wicked Awesome Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee Fundraiser Brochures

Raise money brewing coffee!  Nothing starts the day better than a delicious hot cup of Boston's Best award-winning gourmet coffee.  If you are searching for new and easy fundraising ideas for a school fundraiser, a church fundraiser, sports team fundraiser, or any other group large or small you needn't look any further!  The Ultimate Coffee Collection is a perfect choice for spring fundraising ideas, fall fundraising ideas, or any time of the year!  Boston's Best fundraising is truly the BEST!

Coffee Fundraiser Boston Coffee Roasters Brochure .jpg

The Ultimate Coffee Collection Fundraising Brochure

Our 4-page beverage fundraising brochure offers a popular selection of 15 beverages that are easy to brew at home or office and are sure to interest every potential supporter! Beverages are beautifully packaged, and available in 11 oz. bags of ready-to-brew ground coffee and boxed-in single-serve brewers, including Keurig K-Cup brewing systems.  All items are priced at just $16, and your organization will earn a 45% profit!

Sweet and Savory Snacks Fundraiser.jpg

Sweet & Savory with Coffee and Tea Fundraiser

Why not offer more variety to offer your customers coffee, tea, and a wonderful selection of sweets and snacks? Our 8-page Sweet & Savory snacks fundraiser offers a variety pack of Boston's Best Coffee Roasters, tea, and many additional items your customers can add to their order.  Your organization will earn up to a 40% profit!  

Helpful Tips!

Tip!  If you are planning a fall fundraiser and want to offer a coffee fundraiser, we suggest planning ahead and starting early!  Best sales are those fundraisers that start early September followed by October.  To allow enough time for selling, closing, and packing and shipping, your order coffee fundraiser order should be submitted to us by immediately following Thanksgiving.

Tip!  We suggest considering combining coffee sales with our candle fundraising brochures from LaTeeDa! Fundraising or Heritage Candles offer a greater variety of items. By offering more variety, your organization will more likely achieve higher sales. 

Tip!   To achieve the greatest profit we suggest setting a minimum number of items to be sold by each seller.  Requesting 10-20 items as a minimum per seller is suggested.  Encourage your participants to invite their extended family members, neighbors, friends, etc to help them sell.

Tip!   For organizations with 30 or more participants, we suggest considering our Cookie Dough Fundraisers page to view our larger brochures. For even higher sales, we highly recommend selecting our Otis Spunkmeyer  Extravaganza and Simply Delicious fundraising brochures which offer a large selection of items and are generally our top-selling programs.

Coffee Fundraisers are easy and perfect any time of the Year!

If you want a new fundraiser idea, easy fundraiser, and unique fundraiser that will really wake everyone up all while you are raising funds for your organization you should really look at coffee fundraising ideas.  Throughout the United States, thousands and thousands of organizations are searching for new fundraising ideas. Whether the organization is a school fundraiser, a cheerleading fundraiser, a sports team fundraiser, a non-profit fundraiser, or a host of other youth and adult organizations needing to raise money, each is searching not only for easy fundraising ideas but fundraisers that are successful.  Perhaps by trial and error or through research, organizations are starting to become more aware of the benefits of choosing certain types of fundraisers.   Rather than choosing another gift-wrap fundraiser, organizations everywhere, are carefully considering new fundraising ideas that will be easy, appealing, and will generate high sales.


Statistics - Over the past several years coffee fundraisers are rising in popularity and have been extremely successful for various organizations across the U.S.  Stop and think about it! Almost everyone loves coffee, especially really great coffee. The total amount of yearly money spent on specialty coffee in the U.S. is more than 18 billion.  The United States imports in excess of $4 Billion worth of coffee per year, Over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This represents over 200 million daily drinkers, who consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world.  With nearly 100% of American households drinking coffee, cappuccinos, smoothies, a coffee fundraiser makes perfect sense.  Choosing a fundraiser with Boston's Best beverages is a great decision.


Fair Trade -  Rather than trying to sell generic coffee in unattractive boxes why not add a twist to your fundraising campaign and promote award-winning, delicious coffee, and selling Fair Trade Coffee?  If you haven't heard of the Fair Trade movement let us briefly explain.  Fair Trade, in summary, is an effort to ensure farmers in developing countries are properly compensated fairly for their labor and their products, that workers are provided with safe conditions, and entire communities the resources they need for fair, healthy, and sustainable lives.  Additionally, the movement makes every effort to address the issues regarding the environmental impact of certain farming practices, and seek to inspire the rise of the conscious consumer and to eliminate exploitation.  We are proud to offer Boston Coffee Roasters, a Fair Trade licensed partner.  There is a very large percentage of the population in the U.S. that is genuinely concerned about what is occurring in our world today.  For decades, the environmental movement has been going strong, and more and more people are becoming aware of the issues affecting our citizens at home and others beyond.  Better yet, more people are becoming actively involved in the movement and these conditions create a great opportunity for fundraisers, as we can give people an opportunity to support two wonderful causes; the Fair Trade Movement and your organization!  Choosing one of our participating coffee fundraisers.


Searching for new fundraising ideas?  If you are searching for new fundraising ideas that will really wake everyone up and earn a lot of money for your organization, then you might want to consider trying a coffee fundraiser!  With 400 million cups of coffee being consumed daily across the U.S. you will surely be able to find fundraising supporters who will be more than happy to buy the coffee you are offering to sell through your fundraiser.   Selling coffee is also a fantastic way to sell something besides gift-wrap. Coffee appeals to everyone who has to get up in the morning and start their day, and with a wonderful variety of flavors and roasts, you will certainly be successful in getting many people interested...even those who normally don't drink coffee.  We offer a variety of coffee fundraisers and surely, one which will be perfect for your organization.  All you need to do is pick one and have your sellers get out and offer it!


Brochure Sales vs On-Hand Sales - There are two ways in which to hold a coffee fundraiser.  You can either select a brochure sale or have an on-hand sale.  Our brochure sales work by ordering fundraising brochures from us and then sharing them with your sellers, who will then show them to your potential customers.  The customers select what they would like to purchase from the brochure and pay you upfront for what they have selected.  You'll collect all the money and order forms and tally the order.  A master order is then submitted to us at the end of your fundraiser.  Once you've received your shipment, your sellers will deliver the coffee to your customers.  With an on-hand sale, your organization is required to buy all the coffee first and pay for it upfront, and then sell the coffee directly to your customers and keep the proceeds. On-hand sales have many advantages to consider.  First, your customers will certainly not want to wait for their orders to have to ship.  Secondly,  they'll be able to smell and see the coffee right in front of them.  Thirdly, don't be surprised to see your customers take home their coffee, try it, and come right back asking for more before you have sold your supply.  At your special events, you can brew some of the coffee to sell by the cup.  Doing so is a great way for your customers to taste the coffee and you can also sell packaged coffee at the same time for them to purchase and take home.  Of course, you could also set up a table and offer free samples and maybe accept donations. Depending on the sale method you choose, there are advantages and disadvantages to both brochure sales and on-hand sales.  Brochures sales allow you to place the order when you have all your customers committed to buying the coffee but take longer to deliver the products to you.  On-hand sales allow you to sell the product directly to the customers but require a lot of money upfront. You'll need to discuss which option will work best for your organization.


Our coffee fundraising brochures provide a wonderful opportunity for your supporters to purchase the products they love and will look forward to purchasing.  In fact, coffee fundraising is a fabulous fundraising idea because your organization can set up a monthly restocking program with your local merchants, staff, and teachers at schools, etc.  Coffee fundraising is a unique fundraising idea in today's fundraising trends and we are very pleased to offer you such attractive brochures to your participants, and supporters will enjoy viewing and shopping from!   Whether your organization is large or small, raising money for a PTA or PTO fundraiser, for sports equipment or new uniforms, band equipment, or for travel, a coffee fundraiser can help you in keeping your programs going strong.  Be sure to view the brochures.  We know you will love them!


Everyone loves coffee, especially award-winning coffee - Coffee is so easy to sell and is a great fundraising idea!  Coffee fundraisers can easily be promoted more than once a year.  You'll discover your supporters will be eager to purchase lots of coffee.  Our attractive packaging is outstanding and Boston's Best coffee is great for gifts for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, and any time of the year.


Fall fundraising - With the cooling temperatures of the fall season, your customers will love to warm up with a cup of delicious coffee.  Coffee fundraising is an exceptional choice for fundraisers and is a perfect choice for promoting sales for Christmas gift-giving. We highly recommend starting early for the best results.  Beat the competition and promote your fundraiser early!  Years of experience have proven that the most successful fundraisers are those held earlier in the fall season.  Additionally, it is best to allow extra time for your supporters to receive their items to wrap and deliver as Christmas gifts.  When possible, we do recommend starting your fundraiser earlier in the season to lessen the competition of the many organizations that hold their fundraiser in November for Christmas.  For the highest sales, we suggest starting your fundraiser earlier in the fall. 


For Spring Fundraising - We all know that coffee is a year-round favorite and a coffee fundraiser can be extremely successful in the spring season. You can also consider combining a coffee fundraiser with our LaTeeDa candle fundraiser to offer more variety.


We researched to find a variety of the best fundraising ideas and we love coffee and beverage fundraisers!  We have purposely selected a variety of fundraising programs, and selected brochures to offer you premium quality, beautifully packaged, and affordable coffee and other beverages ideas.  Our items are all priced at $15 to assure you will be able to sell affordable items. 


Quality, Convenience, and Dependability top the charts!  With our programs, you can count on inventory to be in stock, your order to be processed, and shipped accurately, and you can anticipate delivery generally within 2 weeks for bulk orders, 3 weeks for pack-by-seller orders.  They will immediately enter a new order for any damaged items you may receive.  You can expect your delivery to be accurate and rarely are any items missing. 


High Profit - Our Coffee Fundraisers provides up to 45% profit, and free shipping when you have sold 30 or more items.  We have done the research and we are confident we are providing you with the best coffee fundraising program!


Packed-By-Seller - Your organization will receive FREE Pack By-Seller for all orders with 500 or more items.  Pack-By-Seller makes distribution a breeze for school fundraisers, sports team fundraising, band fundraisers, etc.


No Upfront Costs for our Brochure Fundraisers - There are no fees to get started with our beverage brochures.  Our fundraising brochures are free and we'll ship one brochure for each seller.  Due to the cost of purchasing and shipping the brochures to you, we do require that you are 100% committed to doing the fundraiser and that you do not cancel.


Minimums and Case Requirements - Our beverage brochure fundraisers only require 30 items to place an order and there are no case requirements.  We will ship only the number of items you need.  For our In-Hand fundraiser, a minimum of one case (9 backpacks) is required to place an order. 


A Note About Shipping - When it comes to shipping charges be careful in choosing a fundraising company.  Some companies don't disclose all their terms for shipping.  Initially, the percentage of profit may appear to be high but once you deduct your shipping costs the net profit will be much less.  With our Beverage Fundraising programs, there are NO shipping charges as long as you have ordered the minimum number of items.  


Why work with us?  Year after year, we have many organizations that come back time and time again asking us to send them more brochures for another fundraiser.  In 2002, we founded our business with candle fundraisers, and since then we have helped thousands and thousands of organizations across the US raise money each year.  Over the years, we have grown and now offer additional fundraising ideas in addition to Candles including Cookie Dough, Home Decor, Popcorn, Spring and Christmas Shoppers, Scarves & Jewelry, Coffee & Beverages, Chocolates, Tumblers, and Snacks.  If you are not sure which brochure to select please call us and we'll help you decide which program will work best for you.   View our website and discover what sets us apart from other companies.   We are confident we have selected the best fundraising ideas available to you.  We provide knowledgeable and dependable service you can trust, and you'll have the same representative you can call and work with from start to finish.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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