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Are you looking for new ideas for a Holiday or Christmas Fundraiser?  Online Sales? Direct Ship to Home sales? We have what you are looking for!  We have a large variety of Christmas fundraising catalogs for the upcoming holiday season.  For best results, we suggest starting your Christmas fundraiser in Sept or early October to beat the high volume of fundraising that takes place in November.  Additionally, you want to factor in enough time for closing your fundraiser and getting your orders delivered.   Your participants and supporters will be happy to receive their items by Thanksgiving to avoid the holiday rush!  ​

Helpful Tips!

Tip!  If your school is searching for a new PTO Fundraiser or a PTA Fundraiser be sure to view the details of our Winter Wonderland and Gourmet Goodness fundraising brochures! View our Informational Video!

Tip!  Looking for a fundraiser you can make a holiday tradition and one that will increase in sales year after year? Our customers absolutely love our La-Tee-Da! candles, wax melts, room sprays, and aroma oils. They will come back year after year to purchase items for their own enjoyment and for gift-giving! 

Tip!  If you are planning a Christmas Fundraiser or Holiday Fundraiser and want to run your sale in November for Christmas delivery please plan ahead and start early!  Best sales are those fundraisers that start early September followed by October.  If you wish to offer a Christmas or Holiday Shopper allow enough time for selling, closing, and packing and shipping. With these selections, we should receive your order forms by mid- November! 

Tip!  If you are planning to hold two or more fundraisers in the spring or fall season call us and we can help you schedule your sales and choose the best programs that will assure you can receive all your shipments before the Christmas break, end of the school year, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Some programs we offer shipped VERY fast. Others take 2-3 weeks to ship. Call us!

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Winter Wonderland - Returning Fall 2021  

Perfect Brochure for PTA and PTO Fundraisers!  This program can be used by an organization but is especially ideal for school fundraisers. With an extraordinary prize program for students, classrooms, and teachers, parent letters, Traditional Brochure, Online, and Hybrid Direct Ship to Home sales and so much more, you will love this program! With 180 items offered, including more than 80 items priced at $10 and under, our 40-page Winter Wonderland fundraising brochure is a great choice to raise money for your organization this holiday season!  You'll receive a 50% profit on most items, free shipping, and no upfront costs!  For faster shipping, run this fundraiser earlier in the fall season. You can combine this brochure with Gourmet Goodness for more variety. Customer service with this program is exceptional!


Gourmet Goodness-Returning Fall 2021 

Perfect Brochure for PTA and PTO Fundraisers and offers a Traditional Brochure, Online, and Hybrid Direct Ship to Home sales options and so much more, Earn 40% profit with no minimums, free pack-by-seller, prize program for students and teachers, collated packets including letters, and prize brochures!  A mix of sweet and savory treats means every shopper will find something to love! Cheese, sausage, chocolates, candies, nuts, snacks, dry mixes, and more! Best of all everything is shelf-stable, nothing to freeze.  You'll receive a 40% profit on most items, free shipping, and no upfront costs!  For faster shipping, run this fundraiser earlier in the fall season. You can combine this brochure with Winter Wonderland more variety.

La-Tee-Da! Perfect Gifts for Family and Friends - 2021

LTD Perfect Gifts Fall 2020 Brochure.jpg

Easy to sell $10, $15, $20 Pricing!  Our new brochure is filled with 71 items, offers new products, new labels, new fragrances, and new pricing!  You'll love our candles, wax melts, room sprays, and aroma diffuser oils!  you can be proud to offer premium quality, clean and long-burning candles that are strongly scented and burn evenly.  We provide free brochures, free shipping, free pack-by-seller, and 50% profit with just $2,400 in sales. There are no minimums and no case requirements. Our La-Tee-Da! Fundraising program is simply the best!  It's a perfect program for PTO/PTA school fundraisers, sports teams, youth groups, etc. We can provide a link for customers to view the brochure, and sellers can collect payment by Venmo or another cash app. You can receive your invoice the day you close, an option to pay by credit card and your order will ship in just 3-5 days! A Direct Ship to Home option is available and offers a 40% profit.

LaTeeDa Fundraising Simply $10 Brochure.

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising -Simply $10 -2021

Don't miss our simple to sell, Simply $10 fundraising brochure that offers Classic Jar Candles and Wax Melts!  With $10 pricing for all items, our items are very affordable and easy to sell, they are easy for cash sales and easy to calculate total sales.  The brochure offers 30 items and 15 fragrances.  It's perfect for repeat fundraisers and with no minimums required, this brochure is a great choice for any organization large or small. Your organization will earn a 40% profit with no minimum order, free shipping with just $200 in retail sales. You'll earn 50% profit with an easy to achieve $2,400 in sales. We can provide a link for customers to view the brochure, and sellers can collect payment by Venmo or another cash app.  A Direct Ship to Home option is available and offers a 40% profit.


La-Tee-Da! Christmas Candles - 2021 

View our new 2020 Christmas Collection brochure! We are offering a new brochure with $15 mason jar candles, including new labels and glassware. We highly recommend combining our Christmas Collection brochure along with our Perfect Gifts or Simply $10 brochure to offer more variety and to achieve higher sales. Perfect for gift-giving, you and your supporters will love these candles. We can provide a link for customers to view the brochure, and sellers can collect payment by Venmo or another cash app.  A Direct Ship to Home option is available and offers a 40% profit.

Heartland Goodies and Gifts.jpg

Heartland Goodies & Gifts - Fall 2020 

Wow! 48 pages filled with 152 items will surely offer something for all your supporters! Heartland offers a Traditional Brochure, Online, and Direct Ship to Home sales options. Choose from cookies, dry mixes, chocolates, snack cans, cheeses, wild game sausage, wild game beef sticks, all-occasion gift wrap, Christmas gift wrap, boxes, bags, tags, wall decor, jewelry, candles, coloring books, dip mixes, pretzels, funnel cake mix, muffins, soup mixes, pizza recipes, cinnamon roll baking kit, Gummi candies, and many kitchen items. And no worries. Just send in your order forms. We pack by each seller so distribution will be a breeze!

Online Goodies and Gifts Fundraiser.jpg

Goodies & Gifts - 100% Touchless Fundraiser

Register Online - Easy online registration on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Send Invites - Use our email generator to email friends and family, share on social media, and text a link to your contact list. Shop! Log in to your sponsor portal for real-time updates!  You'll find hundreds of additional items online in addition to the promotional brochure!  You will earn 40% profit for every purchase! There is no upfront cost or obligation and once you start, purchases immediately earn profit for your group.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose the best fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your fundraiser will be a great success!   If you have questions on our Fall and Christmas Brochures contact us.  We would love to hear from you!  We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

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