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Glow Scented Candles Fundraiser - Receive up to 50% Profit on all sales. 

A Glow Scented Candles fundraiser offers a brochure and online fundraising program with everything you could ask for in a candle fundraiser! Includes 50% profit, 86 premium scented coconut & soy wax blend candles, room sprays, wax melts, and essential oils, seasonal brochures, an online fundraising store with twice as many items and free shipping with a $50+ order, a virtual fundraiser option, orders packed-by-seller, a chairperson's portal to track your sales, and more! Easy to view, the brochure unfolds to display all items on one side and the order form on the other side. Perfect for enjoyment at home and for gift-giving, our $12-$20  pricing offers something for everyone. Your organization can increase your sales by selling to friends and family throughout the lower 48 United States with an online store that offers easy student registration, an easy shopping experience for supporters, and free shipping with a $50+ purchase.  

Glow Scented Candles Fundraiser - Spring

Glow Scented Candles Logo.jpg

Our Glow Scented Candles fundraising program is a perfect choice for the spring season. If your organization is searching for a candle fundraiser that offers a large selection of items, high profit, with brochure and online fundraising options, this is the candle fundraiser for you! This candle fundraising idea is a fabulous fundraiser for a Easter or Mother's Day fundraiser. With numerous spring and summer scented items that are perfect for your own enjoyment and for gift-giving. Candles are a top-selling fundraising product line and our Glow Scented Candles Spring Collection items will be easy to sell. Our scented candles will be loved by your supporters and they'll look forward to future repeat fundraisers to purchase again and again. 

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Candle Fundraisers 
Raise Money with Brochures, Online Fundraising, and Virtual Fundraising Ideas   

Helpful Tips!

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising has over 25 years of fragrance blending expertise and helping organizations exceed their fundraising goals. We source the highest quality fragrance oil and optimal soy wax blend to bring you exceptional candles. Fundraising with candles and selling scented candles can easily become an annual tradition to raise funds. Our La Tee Da candles, are handcrafted with pride at our production facility in TX. We only use 100% cotton or paper core wicks in our candles and test them to ensure even burning and fragrance distribution. All of these items are of the highest quality and are designed specifically to help you have a successful fundraising campaign. Choose from our seasonal fundraising brochures below for more information and to view our products. Ps, If you are searching for a simple brochure with all items the same price, our $15 jar candle brochure could be the brochure you are looking for! 

Tip!  We suggest selling in early fall for a higher percentage of participation and higher average sales for each participant. We can, however, offer organizations the opportunity to fundraise with our candle brochures through Thanksgiving and receive delivery before Christmas! 

Tip!  For higher sales, we recommend combining our La-Tee-Da Fundraising brochures to offer more variety and higher sales.

Tip!  Our LaTeeDa Candle Fundraising program is perfect for school fundraisers! LaTeeDa offers free pack-by-seller to make distribution a breeze and for public schools, they accept purchase orders.  Payment by credit card or school check is also accepted. 

Tip!  If choosing our Heritage Candles brochures we recommend selecting up to two of the brochures to offer your supporters more variety and increased sales for your organization. 

Tip!  If you are searching for school fundraising ideas and want your order packed-by-seller or need to submit a school purchase with payment following receipt of your shipment please choose our LaTeeDa Fundraising candle fundraiser!  Packed-by-Seller orders and purchase orders are not available for all programs. 

Tip!  If you are choosing two candle brochures to offer more variety please select two from either LaTeeDa Fundraising or two from Heritage. Sales from two brochures from the same company are combined to achieve 50% and free shipping.

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising - Candle Fundraiser Spring 2023

La Tee Da Fundraising Spring Candle Fundraiser Brochure

Perfect Gifts for Family & Friends Spring Fundraiser

A new brochure will be coming soon for Spring 2023. Our Spring La-Tee-Da Fundraising brochure is a yearly tradition for school PTO and PTA fundraisers, spring sports, dance groups, choir and band fundraisers, etc. Candle fundraisers are very successful in the spring season and are perfect for Easter and Mother's Day fundraising ideas! With 96% of polled women having purchased a candle within the last year, offering a candle fundraiser is a great choice! No organization is too large or too small. Our spring brochure includes candles, wax melts, room sprays, and fragrance gels! With exquisite labels and photos, perfect for spring, everything will be super easy to sell. You can receive your invoice the day you close, the option to pay by check, credit card, or a school purchase order, and your order will ship in just 3-5 days! 

Glow Scented Candles Fundraiser Brochure.jpg

Glow Scented Candles Fundraiser - Fall Fundraiser

Our Glow Scented Candles fundraising program is a perfect choice for the fall and holiday season. You can fundraiser with your brochures through Thanksgiving for Christmas delivery! Brochure orders ship within 3-5 days. Online orders ship within 3 days. If your organization is searching for a candle fundraiser that offers a large selection of items, high profit, with brochure and online fundraising options, this is the candle fundraiser for you! Candles are a top-selling fundraising product line and our Glow Scented Candles Fall/Winter Collection items are easy to sell. Our scented candles will be loved by your supporters and they'll look forward to future repeat fundraisers to purchase again and again. Don't be surprised if our candle fundraiser becomes and annual tradition! Ps, with the closure of Yankee Candle Fundraising, our Glow Scented Candles fundraiser is not only a great alternative for a Yankee Candle fundraiser, it is a better one! 

Heritage Candles Fundraiser - Receive up to 50% Profit on all sales. 

A Heritage Candles fundraiser offers several candle fundraising brochures with scented candles made in USA. Made with only premium- blended waxes, the 12 oz. canning jar candles contain lead-free wicks and burn approximately 75 hours. You can offer several fundraising opportunities by combining two Heritage Candle fundraising brochure. Church fundraisers often combine the Journey of Faith candle fundraiser brochure with the Quote Candles fundraiser or the Holiday Collection brochure. A cheerleading fundraiser will often combine the Heritage Candles brochure with the Holiday Collection brochure as a Christmas fundraiser.

Heritage Candles Earth Candles Fundraising Brochure 2022 2023.jpg

Heritage Candles Fundraiser

Heritage Candles Fundraiser brochure - Offers 17 wonderful scented candles to choose from, and includes 12 oz. canning jars and 14 oz. tumblers. Combine this brochure along with the Heritage Candles Christmas Collection brochure to create a fabulous fall fundraiser.

With no minimums required, Heritage Candles is a great way for smaller groups to raise money with a wonderful selection of scented candles for your candle fundraiser.

Heritage Candles Holiday Collection Fundraising Brochure 2022

Heritage Candles Holiday Collection Fundraiser

Heritage Candles new Holiday Collection Fundraiser brochure offers several fundraising opportunities and no upfront cost fundraisers. You can mix and match the Heritage Candle Holiday fundraiser brochure with any of the other Heritage Candle brochures. Offers 6 holiday scented candles in traditional 12 oz. canning jars. Each candle has a unique holiday themed label, perfect for decorating and gift-giving. Each candle is priced at $18. 

Heritage Candles Journey of Faith candle fundraiser brochure

Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Fundraiser

Absolutely perfect fundraising brochure for church fundraising ideas! Beautifully labeled 12 oz. candles include the following titles: Love, Praise, Forgive, Serve, Encourage, Trust, Hope, and Believe. All titles are followed by a correlative bible verse! With 8 scents to choose from, each candle is priced $18.  Many organizations choose to combine this brochure with the Heritage Candles Quote Candles brochure to offer an increased variety of candle scents and inspirational quotes. If you are searching for fundraising ideas for church youth groups, mission trip fundraising ideas, etc. consider this brochure!

Heritage Candles Quote Candles fundraiser brochure

Heritage Candles Quote Candles Fundraiser

Heritage Candles new Quote Candles Fundraiser brochure - Offers 8 inspiring and lovely inspirational candles, in traditional 12 oz. canning jars. Each candle has a different and wonderful candle scent, and each is labeled with an inspirational quotes such as "Live, Laugh, Love". They are perfect for decorating your home and for gift-giving for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, etc. Each candle is priced at $18. A Quote Candles fundraiser can be combined with one of the other Heritage Candles fundraising brochures: Journey of Faith, Holiday Collection, or the Heritage Candles brochure.

La Tee Da! Fundraising - Fundraising with Candles is Profitable and Easy to Sell 

LaTeeDa Fundraising Jar Candle Brochure.jpg

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Candle Fundraiser - Fall

With its proven success for many years, a La Tee Da Fundraising's Jar Candle Fundraiser is consistently our most popular and successful fundraiser in the fall season. You can run your La-Tee-Da candle fundraiser for schools through Thanksgiving and receive your delivery before your winter break! Achieve higher participation and higher average sales per seller selling candles all while earning a 50% profit and free shipping for your school fundraiser, sports fundraiser, or youth organization! Perfect for holiday gift-giving, our candles offer you easy fundraising ideas to raise money. Our beautifully labeled fall and Christmas themed candles, displayed in our glossy fundraising brochure, will sell themselves. Customers will be eager to purchase items for enjoying in their own home or office, and for gift-giving. 

Why Choose Best Fundraising Ideas Candle Fundraisers with La-Tee-Da! Fundraising and Heritage Candles?

Best Fundraising Ideas researched to find the best candle fundraising companies with candles manufactured in USA. La-Tee-Da! Fundraising and Heritage Candles have proven to offer the best candle fundraisers for your organization. There are several candles fundraisers you can choose from but they are not all the same. We are confident we have chosen the best candle fundraisers for you to raise money for your organization. With both of our candle fundraisers, the candles are proudly-made in the USA, offer up to a 50% profit, have no upfront costs, offer free brochures and easy to achieve free shipping, and offer premium quality candles that customers love to purchase.


Because there are no minimums to place an order, our candle fundraisers will work well for any size group. Larger size groups will benefit from our La-Tee-Da! candle fundraiser where each participant's order can be packed separately in a box and labeled with their name for simple, easy, and fast distribution.


Customers appreciate candles made with the finest candle making ingredients available to make candles that are highly fragrant, long-burning, and affordably priced. You'll find these attributes with La-Tee-Da! Fundraising and Heritage Candles. The price points are lower than the other candle companies we reviewed and with more affordable pricing, you'll discover the candles will be easier to sell and competition for easy sales and the demand for repeat sales, year-after-year. In addition, customer service is exceptional.

Other candle fundraising companies only offer a 40% profit, do not offer free shipping, do not meet our standards for quality, and because the pricing is more expensive, fundraising participants find the candles difficult to sell. Both of our fundraising companies have a proven record of maintaining inventory with no shipping delays or substituting candle scents. Whereas some candle fundraising companies can take a month or more before shipping orders that were placed, our candle fundraiser companies ship orders within just a few days.

Candle fundraisers can be very successful because candles can be found throughout almost all homes and they are consumable. Customers are frequently purchasing candles to replenish their favorite candle scents and to try something new! Because people like different candle scents, colors, jar styles, and labels, we offer multiple fundraising brochures for you to choose from. To offer your customers more variety you can combine brochures. For example, for a large school fundraiser you could combine the La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Perfect Gifts for Family and Friends brochure with the Christmas Candles brochure. For a church fundraiser, combining Journey of Faith with Quote Candles is an excellent choice. 

Additionally, customers will appreciate the added variety of wax melts, room sprays, and fragrance gels offered in the La-Tee-Da! Fundraising's Perfect Gifts for Family and Friends brochure. 

Candle Fundraisers: Top reasons why Best Fundraising Ideas has the best candle fundraisers with La-Tee-Da! Fundraising for raising funds for schools and for any organization searching for easy fundraising ideas! 

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Candle Fundraisers

  1. Our candle fundraisers are no upfront costs fundraisers, including free candle fundraiser brochures! Be sure to view our La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Perfect Gifts for Family and Friends fundraising brochure and also our La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Christmas Candles brochure. Your organization can combine both brochures to offer more variety and to achieve even higher sales!

  2. There are no minimums and no case requirements to place an order with our candle fundraising distributors. Late orders are also accepted!

  3. La-Tee-Da! Fundraising offers easy fundraising ideas and are perfect for raising funds for schools! In addition to brochure sales, students can raise funds online with our virtual fundraiser. Our La Tee Da fundraisers offer FREE Pack-By-Seller for easy distribution to your students for their brochures sales. Virtual fundraising orders are shipped directly to the customers' home.

  4. You will earn a 50% profit! on your sales with no minimum order required. Most of our items are priced at $12 for easy sales and our candles offer a better value than the competition. 10 oz. classic jar candles are priced $15 and our 16 oz. mason jar candles are priced just $20! Wax Melts, Room Sprays, and Fragrance Gels are just $12.

  5. Shipping is FAST and FREE with just $500 in retail sales! For Christmas delivery, most candle fundraising companies require an order to be submitted by mid-November. With La Tee Da Fundraising, you can run your fundraiser through Thanksgiving and receive your order before Christmas. For school Christmas fundraisers, our La-Tee-Da! fundraiser can run through Thanksgiving, and you'll receive your shipment before your school's winter break.

  6. The candles are premium quality, soy-blend candles, wonderfully scented, have lead-free wicks, and are proudly made in the USA.

  7. We offer a wide variety of brochures to choose from for all types of organizations, including school organizations, churches, sports teams, youth organizations, non-profit organizations, and individual fundraisers for students raising money for fees, trips, etc.

  8. Our candles are well known, easy to sell, and loved by our customers. We've been producing candles for our La Tee Da! Fundraising program, private labeled for major retail stores, spas, and direct sale companies such as Home Interiors Fundraising, Home & Garden Party Candles and Celebrating Home. 

  9. We offer a wide variety of payment options including payment by check, money order, cashier check, credit card, and we can accept public school purchase orders.

  10.  For fundraising organizations searching for an annual fundraiser, you just found it! We have organizations that have repeated their La-Tee-Da fundraiser for the past 10-15 years, and longer!

How does the La Tee Da Candle Fundraiser work?

  • Starting a Candle Fundraiser is really simple! You can either submit a Sales Agreement, complete our online registration, or just call us! If you have questions or need help deciding, we are just a call away. Call us at 1-860-384-3691.

  • Your candle fundraiser is free to start! We'll ship brochures for each of your participants for free.  Our brochures include an order form to collect sales along with the name, address, and phone number.

  • An online store will be set up for your organization. and will offer a 50% profit on your sales. All orders will ship directly to your customer's home.

  • Set goals for your fundraiser, require minimums when possible, and offer incentives to your participants.

  • Encourage your participants to ask family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to support your fundraiser by purchasing candles. 

  • We recommend selling for 2-3 weeks, and then collect the order forms and money collected.

  • For bulk order, tally the number of items sold and submit a completed master order form.  Call us for La Tee Da pack-by-seller orders to receive a link to enter your participant's orders.  

  • We will email an invoice only for the amount due. You'll retain your profit upfront and mail payment with the money you raised only for the amount due.

  • Your fundraising order will generally ship within just a few days!  Candles fundraisers ship very fast and you'll receive them quickly for distribution to your supporters.  La Tee Da pack-by-seller orders can take a few additional days to ship and will be labeled with each participant's name (and the teacher).

Searching for Fundraising Ideas or Tips for your Candle Fundraiser?

  • Our La-Tee-Da Fundraising program requires no minimum sales and is an excellent choice for any organization, large or small. With online fundraising, our candle fundraiser is an excellent choice for any organization raising funds for schools. That can include PTA fund raisers, booster club fundraising, band fund raisers, etc.

  • Are you wondering when you should start a fall candle fundraiser?  We suggest starting as early in the fall as possible for the highest sales! Each month closer to Christmas, sales performance drops by organizations due to the high volume of fundraisers and "burn out" by repeated fundraisers and purchases made.

  • With our Heritage Candles fundraisers, we recommend selecting two of the brochures to offer more variety and to boost your sales.

  • Offer incentives!  Think outside the box and award for participation, not just for your top-sellers. You want to motivate everyone to participate. Promoting a "celebration party" for each seller who sells a minimum number of items can be highly successful!

  • Consider ordering some candles in advance.  Supporters love to smell a candle in advance to see how wonderful they are!

  • Promote your candle fundraiser for holiday sales, special occasions, and gift-giving such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

  • Boost your sales by offering a discounted price when supporters purchase multiple candles. 

  • Be sure all your supporters understand why you are fundraising, how the money raised will be used, and the number of candles they need to sell.

Candle Fundraisers: Heritage Candles Journey of Faith and Quote Candles fundraising brochures are the church fundraising ideas you've been searching for!

Heritage Candles Church Fundraisers

  1. If your church is searching for fundraising ideas for church youth groups, fundraising for church building, or youth ministry fundraising ideas, you'll definitely want to consider our Heritage Candles easy church fundraisers! With simple to sell candle fundraiser designed for church fundraising ideas, don't miss view our Journey of Faith and Quote Candles fundraising brochures. The Journey of Faith candle fundraiser offers wonderful canning jar candles and each is labeled with word art such as "Believe", "Encourage", "Forgive", "Hope", "Love", "Praise", "Serve", and "Trust". Each title is followed by a Bible Scripture. Additionally, the Journey of Faith candle fundraiser can be combined with the Quote Candles fundraiser, offering 8 canning jar candles with labeled with inspirational quotes including "live, Laugh, Love", "Be the Change you wish to see in the world", "Some Friends leave footprints on your heart" and more. Together, the two brochures will provide one of the best church fundraisers to raise money for church, whether it be for everyday expenses, fundraisers for youth groups, or perhaps you are searching for mission trip fundraising ideas.

  2.  Candle fundraisers are a top fundraiser for church fundraiser, schools, sports, etc. seeking to find a fundraiser they  make a traditional event every year.  Participants and customers love to purchase candles and because candles are consumable, everyone looks forward to buying more. In fact, people don't tire of the candles and as they years go buy a church fundraiser can expect to see increased sales each year.

  3. Heritage Candles  offers no upfront costs fundraisers, and include free brochures!

  4. There are no minimums and no case requirements to place an order. Late orders are also accepted!

  5. You'll receive a 50% profit with a Heritages Candles fundraiser, when selling 150 or more candles and 40% if less than  50 items sold. 

  6. Orders are shipped very quickly and is free with 150 or more items sold. A $40 fee is added if an order has less than 150 items.

  7. Heritage Candles orders will accept an organization check cashier's check, or a money order for payment. Profit from your church fundraiser will be kept upfront. 

Want to Receive More Information, Have a Questions, or Want to Get Started?

Since 2002 I've been working with organizations across the U.S. and I sincerely look forward to helping you achieve a successful fundraiser.  I will work with you from start to finish and offer extended office hours each evening and weekend.  When you need help or have questions please call me. I welcome your call and look forward to working with your organization for years to come! 

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Why is a Candle Fundraiser a Great Fundraising Idea?

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Follow our Step by Step Guide to Fundraising Success with our Candle Fundraiser programs:

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1. Meet with your organization before starting your fundraiser and designate a fundraising project for the funds. Determine how the funds raised will be used and look at past efforts and their success.  Doing so will indicate what you can expect. Be sure to include input from all parties actively involved in the organization. Your fundraising project can be something beneficial to the entire school community and can gain momentum from the entire enrollment and teachers, raise funds for a trip, for a sports team to raise money for new uniforms, etc.  The selection of a project will ensure the success of your fundraiser.  Select key dates to begin and end your fundraiser. Be sure to allow for two full weekends. Start on a Thursday or Friday and continue through two weekends and end on a Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday is ideal; it allows for a deadline reminder to be sent home on Monday. Be sure to notify all sellers and parents of these dates. The reminders will help stick to the schedule...

Candle Safety Rules:

Burning candles create ambiance, fills a room with wonderful scents, and offers a special beauty when burning, but a lighted candle is also an open flame, and if not carefully monitored a candle can become a potential fire hazard.  For your safety, please be sure to review our guidelines for safely burning candles in your home or office...

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Since 2002 we've researched to find the best candle fundraisers to help organizations all across the continental U.S. to raise money.  Our candle fundraisers offer 50% profit, free brochures, free shipping, and affordable candles that are very easy to sell.  We also wanted to offer a candle fundraiser that includes free pack-by-seller for easy distribution and the option for schools to submit purchase orders.  For your customers, we selected premium quality candles which are made in the USA, are highly fragrant in a large variety of wonderful scents, and clean and long burning with lead-free wicks. We are proud to offer Heritage Candles and LaTeeDa Fundraising, once known as Celebrating Home Fundraising and Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers.  

We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose new fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your fundraiser will be a great success!   If you have questions on our candle fundraisers contact us.  We would love to hear from you! We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

​Deb Murray Anderson, National Fundraising Representative since 2002

Candle Fundraising Companies:

Are you searching for the best candle fundraisers? If you are searching for "the best fundraising companies near me" we have been working with fundraising organizations within the lower 48 states for 20+ years. We are available 7 days a week and offer extended office hours in the evenings. We take pride in going the extra mile to help our fundraising organizations to have an easy fundraiser and one that will exceed your fundraising goal. Not all fundraising companies are the same. We've done the research and have chosen the best candle candle fundraisers for you.  We've included the pluses and minuses of numerous candle fundraising companies for you to review.