Spring Fundraisers - Spring Fundraising Ideas for Any Size Group

No Minimums, 40% - 50% Profit Fall Fundraising Ideas, Best Sales Begin Early Spring!

Are you looking for new ideas for a Spring Fundraiser?  We have what you are looking for!  We have a lovely variety of fundraisers that we highly recommend for your spring 2021 fundraiser!  We have 100% touchless fundraisers in response to COVID-19, traditional brochure sales, and online sales options for ship to home or ship to school/organization. If you are searching for a spring-themed fundraiser that will be perfect to promote for Easter, Mother's Day, Easter, gift-giving, we have it!  For best results, we suggest starting your Spring fundraiser earlier in the season to beat the high volume of fundraising that takes place in April.  Call us if you have questions or to get started right away!​

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Heartland Goodies & Gifts Fundraising Brochure - 2021

Our largest spring fundraising brochure and optional ONLINE STORE. Be sure to view the brochure to see the lovely selections including cookies, brownies, flowers, candles, chocolates, jewelry pieces, kitchen items, just for kids items, home accents, snacks, chocolates, coffee, pretzels, cinnamon roll baking kit, soup and dip mixes, cheese, sausage and more. Includes 44 pages with over 100 items.  All items are affordably priced $7-$35 with most items priced at $15 or less!  Our brochure is filled with beautiful pages reminiscent of fun and exciting sunny days! Combine with our online sales and you'll be able to offer your supporters hundreds of additional items to choose from.  Earn a 40% profit on all your sales.

Helpful Tips!

Tip!  If you are planning a Christmas Fundraiser or Holiday Fundraiser and want to run your sale in November for Christmas delivery please plan ahead and start early!  Best sales are those fundraisers that start early September followed by October.  If you wish to offer a Christmas or Holiday Shopper allow enough time for selling, closing, and packing and shipping. With these selections, we should receive your order forms by mid- November! 

Tip!  If you are planning to hold two or more fundraisers in the spring or fall season call us and we can help you schedule your sales and choose the best programs that will assure you can receive all your shipments before the Christmas break, end of the school year, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Some programs we offer shipped VERY fast. Others take 2-3 weeks to ship. Call us!

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Happy Spring 2021 Fundraising Brochure

A PERFECT spring fundraising brochure with an online store option for your school, youth organization, or sports fundraiser! With 79 items offered, including 41 items priced at $10 and under, our 24-page Spring fundraising brochure is a great choice to raise money for your organization this spring season!  Offering high-quality, affordably priced items will be easy to sell and very much appreciated by your supporters. Your organization will be proud to offer the selection of traditional, new, and unique items including beautiful plants, bulbs & seeds, gift-wrap, dozens of unique kitchen items, gifts, totes, snacks, chocolates, gourmet dip mixes, and more. You'll find a large variety of healthy, earth-friendly, made in the USA items and you'll receive a 50% profit on most items, free shipping, and no upfront costs!  

Also Available as a 100% Touchless Fundraiser!

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Preferred Sweets Chocolate Fundraiser

Our 8-Page Preferred sweets, chocolate fundraiser brochure offers a wonderful selection of 18 chocolates, gummie candies, and snack cans priced $12-$22. An online store option can be combined with your brochure sale. Your customers will appreciate offering Preferred Sweets when entertaining throughout the holidays, for gift-giving, and for your family's enjoyment in your own home.

Also Available as a 100% Touchless Fundraiser!

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La-Tee-Da! Perfect Gifts for Family and Friends

Easy to sell $10, $15, $20 Pricing!  Our new brochure is filled with 72 items, offers new products, new labels, new fragrances, and new pricing!  You'll love our candles, wax melts, room sprays, and aroma diffuser oils!  you can be proud to offer premium quality, clean and long-burning candles that are strongly scented and burn evenly.  We provide free brochures, free shipping, free pack-by-seller, and 50% profit with just $2,400 in sales. There are no minimums and no case requirements. Our La-Tee-Da! Fundraising program is simply the best!  It's a perfect program for PTO/PTA school fundraisers, sports teams, youth groups, etc. You can receive your invoice the day you close, the option to pay by credit card, and your order will ship in just 3-5 days! 


La-Tee-Da! Fundraising Simply $10

Perfect for gift-giving for Easter, Mother's Day, birthdays, or for your own enjoyment in your home or office, everyone will love this brochure! Searching for a simple brochure with all items at the same price? This is it!  With simple to sell $10 Classic Candles - 10 oz., and 2-Pack Wax Melts, you'll be able to offer your supporters a selection of 30 items.  Our La-Tee-Da! candle fundraising program is simply the best!  It's a perfect program for any size organization large or small.  Whether you are part of a band fundraiser, cheer fundraiser, or searching for an elementary school fundraiser you'll love this fundraiser! La-Tee-Da! Fundraising is also our top program for the highest participation and highest sales.

Heritage Candles Spring Collection 2020.

Heritage Candles Fundraising Spring Collection 

Heritage Candles Spring Collection brochures offer a large selection of 24 seasonal 12 oz. Canning Jar Candles, 14 oz. Silver Scent Candles, 12 oz. Inspirations Candles, Wax Melts, and 8 oz. Jar Candle Sets. Our Spring Collection brochure is a lovely brochure for Easter and Mother's Day.  Combine this brochure with another Heritage brochure to offer your supporters more variety and to achieve higher sales!

We look forward to working with you and helping you to choose new fundraising ideas.  Together, we'll work to assure your spring fundraiser will be a great success!   If you have questions about our candle fundraisers contact us.  We would love to hear from you! We provide extended evening and weekend office hours and so much more!

Deb Murray, National Fundraising Distributor since 2002