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Caramel Pretzel Rods In-Hand Seller Fundraiser

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Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods Fundraiser 

120 Pretzel Rods per Case.

4 Carrier Boxes per Case - 30 Pretzel Rods per Carrier

Selling Price per item: $2.00

Profit: Earn a 40%-50% Profit. 

Minimum order: 1 Case

Shipping: Free!  Anywhere in the continental USA in 2-5 business days. Dry ice fee per case in summer months​

  • With premium-quality chocolate, each carrier contains 30 Delicious Pretzel Rods. Crunchy pretzel rods covered in creamy caramel and dark chocolaty drizzle with a hint of sea salt.

  • Free Shipping

Pretzel Twists Pricing and Profit

$2 Pretzel Rods Product Description

New! So much yumminess!  These sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods are absolutely loaded. They are heavily coated in creamy caramel and dark chocolaty drizzle with a hint of sea salt! Your sellers and supporters will be eager to purchase and support your fundraiser! They will surely want to try them first! Each Van pretzel rod is individually wrapped. Delish!

Each $2 Pretzel Rod Case Includes:

120 Caramel Pretzel Rods in each case.

Pretzel Rods sell for $2.00 each.

Each case is divided into 4 30-Count Carriers 

Caramel Pretzel Rods Fundraiser Profit

With the $2 Pretzel Rods fundraiser, you will earn a 40% profit to 50% profit depending upon how many cases you purchase. Buy more and save!

  • Purchase 1-19 cases - Cost: $144 each, Profit: $96 each, Percent: 40%

  • Purchase 20-39 cases - Cost: $137 each, Profit: $103 each, Percent: 43%

  • Purchase 40-59 cases - Cost: $132 each, Profit: $108 each, Percent: 45%

  • Purchase 60+ cases - Cost: $120 each, Profit $204 each, Percent: 50%

How Many Caramel Pretzel Rod Cases Should You Order?

We suggest each participant in your organization should plan to sell at least 1 carrier box of Pretzel Rods. You'll want to have some extra boxes for your top sellers who might easily sell 5 or more boxes of Pretzel Rods! Consider rounding up to the next profit level to take advantage of the lower cost per case. And, you can mix 'n match with other In-Hand cases. The more cases you order, the higher your sales and profit percentage will be! Determine what your financial goal is, and how many Pretzel Rods each participant will need to sell to reach your goal. With a low $2 selling price, your Pretzel Rods will sell quickly! If you are unsure of your level of student participation, you can always place more orders as needed. 

Ordering and Payment Options for your $2 Caramel Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Place your order:

  • Mail a school check, organization check, cashier check, or money order along with the item and quantity being ordered, your name, shipping address, phone number, and email address to:

Best Fundraising Ideas

102 Thompson St.

South Glastonbury, CT 06073

  • Public Schools and approved youth organizations can submit a signed purchase order with the name, phone number, and email address of the treasurer or bookkeeper responsible for making the payment.

  • Note: Upon request, we will provide an invoice for your organization. Van Wyk does not accept returns.


  • School or Business Check

  • Money Order

  • Credit Card 

  • Public School Purchase Order, and Youth Organization Purchase Orders upon approval of Van Wyk

Shipping Information Regarding your Caramel Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Shipping is FREE and QUICK!  We include 100% FREE SHIPPING anywhere within the continental USA in 2-5 business days depending upon your location. We have 8 warehouse locations throughout the USA to assure your shipment will be as short and fast as possible!

Depending upon the size of your order, your order will ship either by UPS Ground or by a Freight Line. Once your order has been placed you'll receive a confirmation and then tracking information with the estimated date of delivery once your order has shipped.

Dry Ice Fee: During the hot summer months, shipments may be delayed until temperatures fall below 76 degrees or shipped with dry ice to guarantee the quality of the products and to prevent melting. During warmer weather, at the discretion of Van Wyk Confections, your order will most likely need to be shipped with dry ice at an additional cost. We will pay up to half of the cost for you, and the estimated fee will be approximately $10 per case. We suggest holding your sale as early in the spring as possible or once the temperatures have cooled down to 76 degrees in the fall in the fall season.

How Does the Caramel Pretzel Rods Fundraiser Work?

  • Set your goal on how much money you want to raise and determine how many participants you will have selling.

  • Determine how many Pretzel rods your participants can or will need to sell to reach your fundraising goal. 

  • Submit your order and pay by school/business check, credit card, cashier check, or money order. Purchase orders are accepted from approved schools and youth organizations.

  • Order confirmation and tracking updates are provided.

  • Kick off your fundraiser and sell, sell, sell!  We recommend creating a parent letter to be given to your participants and parents to describe why you are raising money, the closing date of your sale, and contact information if there are any questions. 

  • Sell each Pretzel Rod for $2 each, and collect the money at the time of the sale.

  • For everyone's safety, please be sure to always have children not sell door-to-door alone. They should ALWAYS be in the company of an adult.

  • Tip for increasing your sales: Send out messages with images of the Pretzel Rods by email, text, and social media that you are selling Pretzel Rods for a fundraiser to encourage higher and faster sales.

  • Keep a record of how many pretzel rods are given to each participant throughout your fundraiser and how much money is collected by each participant.

  • Tally your profit and be sure to thank each family for participating in your fundraiser!


Put the Fun into Fundraising with a Caramel Pretzel Rods Fundraiser!

Van Wyk Confections Fundraising offers an incredibly fun way for your organization to easily raise money! With crunchy pretzel rods covered in creamy caramel and dark chocolaty drizzle with a hint of sea salt, your next fundraiser will surely be a hit! Kids and adults alike will be anxious to purchase the tasty pretzel rods! Schools and youth organizations everywhere are searching for an easy fundraiser that kids will be eager to participate in and our caramel pretzel rods will surely put a smile on the face of everyone who supports your fundraiser. Choose our caramel pretzel rods for your next fundraiser!  You'll be so glad you did! You can also combine cases of pretzel rods with our other in-hand fundraisers!

Golden Ticket! Enter your Ticket Number for a Chance to Win!

Add to the fun and excitement when fundraising with Van Wyk Confections' chance to win a gift card drawing.  Inside each Van Wyk Confections fundraising Pretzel Twists carrier is a postcard. A ticket number for a chance to win name-brand gift cards for popular national retailers is printed on each postcard. Each participant can enter once per email/per participant. 

Once your participants enter their code, they will be asked to select which gift card they would prefer, and enter additional information to be chosen as a winner for the Gift Card Giveaway contest. 

With each drawing, one winner is selected at random. Winners will receive an email within a week if they are selected as a winner. 

Have fun and we wish you the best of luck!


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