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Add an online store to any fundraiser to raise more money for your organization!

Why offer an online Fundraising Store?

Raise more money by adding an Online Store to any fundraiser with our Needs Your Support online shopping site!  To grow your fundraising business supporters can have the option to purchase products online using debit cards, credit cards, and other popular electronic payment methods. It is also extremely important to have the necessary tools to market fundraisers via social media, email, text, and more.

Add our Needs Your Support online shopping website to any traditional brochure fundraiser, or you can run online sales as a stand-alone program!

Our Needs Your Support Online Fundraising Products Offer:

Benefits of offering our Needs Your Support Online Fundraising Website:

★ Simple to use for sponsors, sellers, and supporters

★ Adding an online store increases sales and participation

★ Hundreds of items are available for purchase

★ Ship-to-Home or Ship-to-Group option available

★ All major credit cards and electronic payment methods accepted

★ Secure and encrypted transactions

★ Accessible on any device with an internet connection

★ An online store can be run for a specified time frame, or perpetually

★ Progress visible to coordinator in real-time from a secure administration account

★ Shareable links and flyers help seller's market through social media, email, and text

How does it Work?

● We'll provide your organization with a fundraising pack, which includes a group ID. This ID should be written on the top of the seller’s order form in the space provided, for quick reference. 

● The online shopping portal is activated as soon as your organization submits your Purchase Reservation Agreement.  Your group’s online ID will become inactive on the date that you select unless run perpetually. If you are running a brochure fundraiser from the same company your online shopping portal will be deactivated on the date your order forms have been received by the company. 

● Your sellers will register online so supporters can order under his/her name, giving credit for the sale to that particular student. Sellers can then advertise their fundraiser via social media, text, and email, providing the group ID, then sit back and watch the profits roll in!

● Your supporters will go to our Needs Your Support website and enter the group ID, they will select the student they wish to support, choose whether to have items shipped to home or shipped to your group, and browse hundreds of items available to purchase. The checkout process is encrypted and secure. Simple, smart, and safe.

● Once an online order has been placed the company will receive the online orders instantly. If the shoppers chose the ship to the home option, products will typically ship out via USPS or FedEx within 48 hours. If ship to the group is selected, we will process the order at the fundraiser’s conclusion, packing the items along with the rest of the seller’s order. A report showing who purchased items online will be included with the seller’s items.

● Fundraising totals and “per-student” reports will combine online and brochure sales for an easy look at the fundraiser’s overall success; alternately, the Profit Summary and Seller’s Packed Items reports provide a straightforward look at the breakdown of brochure vs. your online sales.

Online Products  The online shopping portal will include all items available from the distributor. New items are being added all the time.

Shipping Options  Supporters choose whether they want their items shipped directly to them, or shipped to your organization on your scheduled delivery day. Frozen and temperature-sensitive items can only be shipped to the group.  Frozen foods can't be shipped direct shipped to home. Also, frozen foods shipped to a school/organization may not be available in some areas of WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, ID, UT, MT, WY, CO, NM, ND, SD, NE, MN, and TX.  However, we have hundreds of non-frozen/shelf-stable selections plus kitchen items, gift items, and more.  Organizations can be set up to only allow ship to home or ship to the group. If a seller is not registered, their supporters will only be able to have items shipped to home.

Registered Sellers  Each seller should go online and register their name on the Needs Your Support website, using the group ID provided. If a seller does not register, supporters will still be able to add their name as the person they would like to support; however, delivery options will be limited to ship-to-home only, which also limits the items from which they can choose.  We encourage your organization to have your sellers register at your kickoff event if possible!

Online Dashboards  - Seller Dashboard: Your sellers can track their sales and share their requests for support through a variety of methods from the Seller Dashboard. Through the dashboard, your sellers can share via social networks like Facebook, import their email addresses to send messages, and text using a mobile phone. Coordinator Dashboard: The coordinator can log into their dashboard anytime to track the fundraiser’s sales, social and email sharing, and overall progress.

Profit Organization:  If you offer a brochure sale from the same company your organization will receive the same profit percentage from online sales as they do brochure sales.  Online-only items receive a 40% group profit fundraiser.


Seller Instructions

1. The organization receives its group ID on the day the fundraiser kicks off.

2. Your sellers go to the website to become a registered seller. As a sponsor. you may want to take a few minutes on the day of kick-off and allow your students to register while they are all together, which will cut down on unregistered sellers and repeat questions (particularly if it’s a class fundraiser and the students have Chromebooks or another electronic device at their disposal).


3. Your sellers will click on the “Register Seller” link, and fill out the Group ID, name, and email fields, then create a password for their account. After registering, your sellers can access their dashboard anytime by clicking on the “Seller Login” link and signing in with email and password. Here, they will find links to share their fundraiser via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email, as well as a Support Flyer that can be downloaded and printed for fundraising in person. They can also access a list of items that supporters have purchased online, which is broken down by items that have been delivered to the supporters’ home vs. those the seller is responsible for picking up and delivering personally.

Coordinator Instructions

1. The “Coordinator Login” information will be set up by the company and we will share it with your fundraising coordinator. The Coordinator Dashboard is immediately available to the fundraising coordinator.


2. The fundraising coordinator can see sales, shares, and credit card at the door

information; further, upon completion of the sale, the coordinator has access to accounting reconciliation information as well.

Supporter Instructions

1. Supporters will go to the Needs Your Support website and enter the group ID provided by

the seller. If using a shared link (such as one received via email or Facebook), no ID is required.


2. Next, they will select the seller they wish to support from a list of registered sellers. If

they do not see the name of the seller, supporters can add the seller by first and last name; however, if the seller is not registered, supporters will only be able to see those items labeled “Ship to Home.” This excludes all frozen products and is done so to prevent unexpected items from being shipped to the group.


3. After selecting the items they wish to purchase and adding them to the cart, supporters will proceed to the secure checkout. We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, and a receipt will be emailed to the supporter upon completion of the transaction.


4. The home delivery option will include shipping and handling fees and will be processed

and shipped within 48 hours of the order being received. Upon order processing and shipment, a notification will be sent to the email address indicated at checkout.


5. Ship-to-Group orders will be student packed with the brochure orders and distributed to

the group on the fundraiser’s delivery date.

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