Contains 120 Van Wyk Pretzel Twists.  Each master case includes 4 carriers. Each carrier contains 30 individually wrapped $2 Pretzel Twists. Each carrier includes:

8 Chocolate Chunk

8 Peanut Butter Candy Crunch 

7 Rainbow Sprinkles 

7 Crunchy Toffee 

Van Wyk Pretzel Twists

SKU: 42120
  • So much yumminess!  These sweet & Salty Pretzel Twists are absolutely loaded. They are heavily coated in creamy chocolate, drenched in crunchy toppings, and will surely be a hit this season! Your sellers and supporters will be eager to purchase and support your fundraiser! They will surely want to try them all! There are four flavors to choose from and each Van Wyk pretzel twist is individually wrapped. Delish!