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Contains 240 Van Wyk Pretzel Rods.  Each master case includes 4 carriers. Each carrier contains 60 individually wrapped $1 Pretzel Rods. Each carrier includes:

15 Peanut Butter Crunch 

15 Rainbow Sprinkles 

15 Crunchy Toffee 

15 Chocolate Chunk

Van Wyk Pretzel Rods

SKU: 71492
$144.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price
  • ​Salty & Sweet Pretzel Rods are one of our top-selling items. If you and your supporters are craving something salty and sweet, Van Wyk Pretzel Rods will satisfy your craving! Individually wrapped, the pretzel rods are available in four delectable flavors! They are wonderful for school stores, after-school snacks, Halloween treats, Christmas stocking stuffers, and sharing with friends! 

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