Heritage Candle Fundraising

Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser, Quote Candles Fundraiser and more 

Heritage Candles Fundraisers offer a variety of beautiful candle fundraising brochures including our easy to sell and highly recommended Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser brochure, Quote Candles fundraiser brochure, Earth Candles fundraiser, Holiday Collection brochure, and $12 Candles brochure. You'll earn 50% profit and FREE SHIPPING with just 150 items sold. 

Helpful Tips!

Tip!  We suggest selling in early fall for a higher percentage of participation and higher average sales for each participant. We can, however, offer organizations the opportunity to fundraise with our candle brochures through Thanksgiving and receive delivery before Christmas! 

Tip!  For higher sales, we recommend combining our 6-page and 8-page LaTeeDa Fundraising brochures to offer more variety and higher sales.

Tip!  Our LaTeeDa Candle Fundraising program is perfect for school fundraisers! LaTeeDa offers free pack-by-seller to make distribution a breeze and for public schools, they accept purchase orders.  Payment by credit card or school check is also accepted. 

Tip!  If choosing our Heritage Candles brochures we recommend selecting up to two of the brochures to offer your supporters more variety and increased sales for your organization. 

Tip!  If you are searching for school fundraising ideas and want your order packed-by-seller or need to submit a school purchase with payment following receipt of your shipment please choose our LaTeeDa Fundraising candle fundraiser!  Packed-by-Seller orders and purchase orders are not available for all programs. 

Tip!  If you are choosing two candle brochures to offer more variety please select two from either LaTeeDa Fundraising or two from Heritage. Sales from two brochures from the same company are combined to achieve 50% and free shipping.

2019 HC_JOF English Brochure.jpg

Heritage Candles Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser

A favorite fundraising brochure for church organizations!  The Journey of Faith candle fundraising brochure offers 8 canning jar candles. Each is labeled with beautiful word art including "Believe", "Encourage", "Forgive", "Hope", "Love", "Praise", "Serve", and "Trust" along with a Bible scripture. Be sure to view the brochure and the wonderful variety of fragrances. Many organizations will combine the Journey of Faith brochure with the Quote Collection brochure to offer more variety.

2019 HC_Quote Brochure $14.jpg

Heritage Candles Quote Candles Fundraiser

Our Heritage Candles', Quote Candles fundraising brochure is an excellent choice for gift-giving and combines well with our other Heritage Candles brochures. Each candle is labeled with inspirational quotes including "live, Laugh, Love", "Be the Change you wish to see in the world", "Some Friends leave footprints on your heart" and more. Features 8 fabulous canning Jars.

Heritage Candles Holiday Collection Christms Candles Brochure

Heritage Candles Holiday Collection Candle Fundraiser

Celebrate the Christmas season and boost your sales with our $10 Holiday Collection candles! A perfect brochure to combine with our larger $12 candles/wax melts brochure.  Our brochure offers six 8 oz. highly fragrant Christmas candles with scents including Christmas Memories, Balsam Fir, Christmas Wishes, Gingerbread, Christmas Spice, and Baked Apple Pie. 

Earth Candles 2021.jpg

Heritage Candles Earth Candles Fundraiser

Our very affordable and highly fragrant, earth-friendly, soy blend candles are specially made in the USA for fundraising. Your school or group can maximize its fundraising goals with premium quality candles.  There are Ten Canning Jar Candles and seven Hourglass Candles to choose from.  With 17 lovely candle fragrances, your supporter will love, Earth Collection combines extremely well with our Journey of Faith Candle brochure or the Quote Candles brochure.

Heritage Candles $12 Candles Fundraising Brochure.jpg

Heritage Candles $12 Candles Fundraiser

If you are looking for a fundraising brochure with an easy-to-sell $12 price and a program that offers a 50% profit with free shipping this is the program you've been searching for. Includes 6 of the 8 oz. Candles. The candles are easy to sell any time of the year, are great for repeat fundraisers, and ship very quickly.

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Heritage Candles offers many benefits for your next fundraiser!

  • Our candle fundraisers are free to start!

  • You can earn a 50% profit!

  • Shipping is FREE with 40 or more in retail sales! 

  • Received a late order?  No minimum order is required.  We only charge $30 for orders of less than 40 items.  Other companies charge $65.

  • Our LaTeeDa fundraisers offer FREE Pack-By-Seller for easy distribution.

  • The candles are premium quality, wonderfully scented, have lead-free wicks, and are proudly made in the USA.

  • We offer a wide variety of brochures to choose from for all types of organizations, including schools, churches, sports teams, etc.

  • Our candles are well known, easy to sell and loved by your customers.

How do the Candle Fundraisers work?

  • Starting a Candle Fundraiser is really simple!  You can either submit a Sales Agreement, complete our online registration, or just call us!

  • We'll ship brochures for each of your participants for free.  Our brochures include an order form to collect sales along with the name, address, and phone number.

  • Set goals for your fundraiser, require minimums when possible, and offer incentives to your participants.

  • Encourage your participants to ask family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc to support your fundraiser by purchasing candles. 

  • We recommend selling for 2-3 weeks, and then collect the order forms and money collected.

  • For bulk order, tally the number of items sold and submit a completed master order form.  

  • We will email an invoice only for the amount due. You'll retain your profit upfront and mail payment with the money you raised only for the amount due.

  • Your fundraising order will generally ship within just a few days!  Candles fundraisers ship very fast and you'll receive them quickly for distribution to your supporters.  

Searching for Fundraising Ideas or Tips for your Candle Fundraiser?

  • Are you wondering when you should start a fall candle fundraiser?  We suggest starting as early in the fall as possible for the highest sales! Each month closer to Christmas sales performance drops by organizations due to the high volume of fundraisers and "burn out" by repeated fundraisers and purchases made.

  • With our Heritage Candles fundraisers, we recommend selecting two of the brochures to offer more variety and to boost your sales.

  • Offer incentives!  Think outside the box and award for participation, not just for top-sellers. You want to motivate everyone to participate.   Promoting a "celebration party" for each seller who sells a minimum number of items can be highly successful!

  • Consider ordering some candles in advance.  Supporters love to smell a candle in advance to see how wonderful they are!

  • Promote your candle fundraiser for holiday sales, special occasions, and gift-giving such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

  • Boost your sales by offering a discounted price when supporters purchase multiple candles. 

  • Be sure all your supporters understand why you are fundraising, how the money raised will be used, and the number of candles they need to sell.

Want to Receive More Information, Have a Questions, or Want to Get Started?

Since 2002 we've been working with organizations across the U.S. and we sincerely look forward to helping you achieve a successful fundraiser.  We'll work with you from start to finish and we offer extended office hours each evening and weekend.  When you need help or have questions call us!  We look forward to working with your organization for years to come!