Hello Spring Fundraising Brochure - Perfect Spring Fundraiser Idea

New! Our 2020 Hello Spring will be perfect for your Spring fundraiser

Hello Spring Fundraiser
Hello Spring Fundraiser

Great Western Reserve Spring Fundraiser

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Hello Spring Fundraiser pg 2
Hello Spring Fundraiser pg 2

Great Western Reserve Spring Fundraiser pg 2

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Hello Spring Fundraiser pg 31
Hello Spring Fundraiser pg 31

Great Western Reserve Spring Fundraiser pg 31

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Hello Spring Fundraiser
Hello Spring Fundraiser

Great Western Reserve Spring Fundraiser

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Profit: Earn 40% Profit. 

Price Range: $7-$35

Number of pages: 32, with a separate order form

Number of items: more than 100 gift items for everyone!    Description: Perfect Spring brochure filled with flowers, seeds, candles, chocolates, kitchen items, gift wrap, organizers, planners, recipe collections, snacks, cheese, sausage,  tote bags, home accents, and more.

Recommended for:  Groups of 10+ selling an average of $10 x the number of brochures shipped

Minimum Order: $10 average sales times the number of brochures shipped. If not met a brochure fee is added.

Case Requirements:  None.  

Upfront Costs:  None. Brochures, order forms, collection envelopes are shipped free upfront at no cost.

Online Shopping Option: Yes 

Youth Prize Program: Yes

Pack-By-Seller:  All orders are packed-by-seller 

Shipping: Items shipped to your school are shipped free. Late order may add a small shipping fee. 

Purchase Orders: Public schools are eligible for 15-day invoice terms

Payment:  Organization, Business, Cashier's Check, or  Money Order.

Hello Spring Fundraiser Profit


Brochures are provided free with no upfront costs.

* A brochure fee is added when sales are less than $10 times the number of brochures shipped. Rarely, is that number not reached!

The Early Bird gets the worm! For highest sales we highly recommend starting your fundraiser in early spring!

Hello Spring Program Details

Is your organization searching for a new spring fundraising ideas? Our new Hello Spring 2020 fundraising brochure is one of the nation’s largest spring fundraising brochures, featuring more than 100 home and spring-based products & gift ideas for men, women, and kids of all ages. Our beautiful and high-quality fundraising brochure offers your organization and supporters fabulous spring fundraising ideas and gifts for elementary and middle schools, sports teams, band and choir music groups, dance and cheerleader fundraisers, church and youth organizations, and numerous other fundraising groups to raise money. Our Hello Spring fundraising brochure is one of the largest and most diverse fundraising brochures.


Raise more money by combining our brochure sales with Easy Online Ordering! Hello Spring is available for both traditional order takers and online sales. Online sales are perfect for those out-of-town family members and friends because students will receive credit for all online orders placed as well as paper orders.  We include an excellent and most secure online shopping experience for your supporters which allows items to be purchased using credit/debit cards! Your students can promote their programs by email, social media, and/or mobile texting. This is a great and easy way to spread the word and help you to reach your fundraising goal!  Online orders are available for either a Ship-to-School (free) or Ship-to-Home (actual shipping cost paid by the customer), allowing out of town friends and family to participate. As a PTO/PTA organizer, sports team coach, or other fundraising chairpeople, you’ll be able to directly promote your sale to your group while tracking participation and sales numbers in real-time! Another plus, our online shopping site adds hundreds of more items to choose from for this brochure!

Prize Programs: A choice of two prize programs are available for elementary school-age groups.  Choose from our Super Prizes large poster or our BFF Buddies Collectible Program

How Does Our Hello Spring Fundraiser Work

Call us at 860-384-3691 to request a Fundraising Agreement.  We'll complete an Agreement for your organization and send it to you by email to be signed by your organization. Simply return the agreement by fax to 410-630-7080 or scan/email your Sales Agreement to our office.  We will also help assist you in creating a personalized parent letter for your organization. We will then ship one Hello Spring brochure for each of your participants along with order forms and collection envelopes. Please note, 5% of materials will be added to the enrolled number listed on the agreement for brochures and 10% for the order forms.  If you would like, we can create a parent letter for your packets which will include instructions and school code for online sales, and we will set up an online site for your group.


Each student will have the opportunity to set up his or her own web page once they go to the designated website and enter your group code and the unique online student ID that will be provided on their order form. We will collate your kits for free but require advanced notice beforehand. Orders for collated kits need to be in at least 3 weeks prior to the sale start date along with your approved parent letter. Orders for collated kits with approved parent letters for start dates in September need to be placed by July 30th.  If you need to start your sale sooner, we will ship the materials for your organization to collate. 


There are no fees for the materials or for collating the materials as long as your fundraiser is not canceled. Otherwise, a cancellation fee will be charged to equal the brochure costs if unreturned and usable, restocking fee, and shipping costs. Charges for each kit are determined by which brochure is used and ranges from .35 to .90 each. The minimum cancellation fee is $150.00.  Please be sure your organization has agreed to this fundraiser and has approval before submitting a fundraising sales agreement.


Be sure to explain your fundraising goals and require a minimum number of items to be sold by each participant.  Motivate and encourage your participants! Encourage your participants' families to show the HELLO SPRING brochure to their co-workers, friends, and family to collect orders and perhaps ask them to help sell for you as well. Also, remind your participants to register as a seller for online sales and encourage them to share their online shopping website with everyone they know through phone calls, text messages, emails, social media, etc. We recommend selling for 2-3 weeks.  Customer checks, if taken for your brochure sales, are made payable to your organization. Check-in with your participants throughout your selling period and make several reminders to keep selling.  Collect all copies of the 3-part order forms and payments from your participants at the end of your selling period. You'll send in the white and yellow copies, and your organization will keep the pink copies.  The original white copy will be returned to the student with their packed order. 


There are no minimums required to submit an order, but we encourage you to sell a minimum of at least $10 times the number of brochures shipped to prevent any material charges for the sales kits.  There are no upfront costs to receive your materials and you'll receive free pack-by-seller. There are no shipping costs added to your order once your $10 average is reached.  

Submitting your order:  We will provide you with a UPS label to ship your seller's order forms back to the company.  Once we receive your order forms, orders will be entered, and detailed sales reports will be available approximately one week** after the orders are received. 

Payment: An invoice will be provided to your organization within ten days** of the date the orders are received.  Payment is required upon receipt of the invoice.  ** Times may vary based on a higher, and lower volume of orders received.

Delivery Timing - Delivery of product will be made to the group three weeks from the date the orders are received. In November, the timing could be 4 weeks. For the busiest times of the year, November, please allow up to 4 weeks from receipt of orders for your product order to ship.  You can request a delivery date on your Sales Agreement by order forms must be received in the time frame above to keep that delivery date. If you do not indicate a delivery date on the Sales Agreement you will be notified of the delivery date by the company 4-7 days prior to delivery. Orders forms that are received that do not have a delivery date indicated on the sales agreement or are not received within a 3-4 week time period (before the requested delivery date) will be processed in the order they are received.


We'll provide coaching to help your campaign succeed, extended office hours Mon-Sun 9 am-9 pm EST, and a solid commitment to process your order and any needed replacements with no delay.  When you require assistance we'll be available to help you!

Hello Spring Fundraising Brochure - 2020 Spring Fundraising Idea

Thoughts of spring, the anticipation of summer, and times spent with family and friends is the essence of our Hello Spring fundraising brochure.  If you are searching for new spring fundraising ideas for a school fundraiser, a sports team fundraiser, a church fundraiser, or any other group large or small you needn't look any further!  Our Hello Spring fundraising brochure is a perfect choice for spring fundraising sales and offers a great selection of items at an outstanding value.  Hello Spring truly offers something for everyone! 

Be sure to view the brochure to see the lovely selections including flowers, candles, chocolates, jewelry pieces, kitchen items, birthday celebration items, all-occasion cards, recipe collections, just for kids items, thermal travel mugs, tote bags, home accents, snacks, chocolates, and more.  Includes 32 pages with over 100 items.  All items are affordably priced $7-$35 with most items priced at $15 or less!  Our brochure is filled with beautiful pages reminiscent of fun and exciting sunny days!  Celebrate the joy and beauty of spring and celebrate a successful fundraiser with our Hello Spring brochure!  

Our Hello Spring Selections are very Affordable and Easy to Sell!

Successful fundraising ideas are those achieved by selling affordable items your customers will want to purchase. The response to our Hello Spring brochure has been absolute, wonderful.  Your participants can easily sell to their family members, friends, neighbors, and will be an easy brochure for family members to share at work, and other activities they are involved with.  With so many wonderful items to choose from, your seller's family will surely choose to purchase items for themselves as well which will help to increase your overall participation.  Additionally, our brochure is perfect for the many spring activities families will be enjoying, and your supporters will be happy to purchase items for spring planting, for a BBQ, for gift-giving, for family celebrations, and for their home decor.  With items priced as low as $7.00, and most items selling around $12 each, your participants are provided with the opportunity to sell great items that are affordable for everyone, resulting in easy sales.  There are also several higher-priced items and when purchased, you'll profit even more money to help you in reaching your fundraising goal that much easier!  

Reasons Why to Choose our Hello Spring Fundraising Brochure

Our Hello Spring fundraising brochure and a great choice for any organization.  With FREE BROCHURES, a great FREE PRIZE PROGRAM, a wonderful selection of affordable items, FREE PACK-BY-SELLER, Hello Spring is absolutely perfect for School fundraisers including Elementary School fundraisers, middle school fundraisers, and even high school fundraisers!  If you are searching for a PTO fundraiser Hello Spring is a PERFECT CHOICE! 


For smaller groups, such as a school band fundraiser, a sports team fundraiser, or a youth organization fundraiser, Hello Spring is still a great choice!  There are NO UPFRONT COSTS, NO MINIMUMS, AND NO CASE REQUIREMENTS, even for organizations with a few sellers.  Very few fundraising programs today offer no minimums with FREE SHIPPING and still offer 40% profit!  Hello Spring is an especially perfect brochure for groups such as middle school fundraisers, high school fundraisers, college and university fundraisers, cheerleading fundraisers, dance fundraisers etc.  Not only is the brochure extremely appealing it also provides a new and unique fundraising idea for your organization to offer your supporters.  Your supporters will also appreciate the opportunity to purchase items that are family oriented instead of many of the commonly held fundraisers.  You and your supporters will love this refreshing new fundraiser idea!

From beautiful flowers, candles, and chocolates, to cheese and sausage, home accents, and gift wrap, all our items are easy to sell and easy for your organization to generate high fundraising sales.  Your order will be packed-by-seller, and we'll ship your fundraising order in 3-4 weeks.  Your customers will love their purchases and you'll EARN 40% PROFIT. 

If you are looking to fundraise and have time to receive your products for an end of a season sports team, or end of a school year fundraiser call us to schedule your dates today!  

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