Goodies and Gifts 100% Touchless Fundraiser - Direct Ship to Home Fundraiser

In response to COVID-10, we are offering a 100% touchless fundraiser with 100's of items! Online stores are available for Spring/Summer and Fall/Holiday and offer hundreds of additional items in addition to the preview brochures:     Spring/Summer    Fall/Holiday  

Profit: Earn 40% Profit

Upfront Costs: None!

Registration Online: Yes. Register by phone, tablet, or computer.

Send Invites: Email generator to email friends, share on social media, text link to contacts

Online Ordering: Yes. Spring/Summer and Fall/Holiday stores.

Home Delivery: Yes. Orders ship directly to the buyer.

Price Range: All items are priced at $10-$32 

Number of Items: Hundreds of assorted items and donation options are available online in addition to the items displayed in the brochure.

Description: All items are shelf-stable: Seasonal Items, Home Decor, Jewelry, Candles, flowers, Gift Wrap, Kitchen Helpers, Dry Mixes, Chocolates, Snack Cans, Cheeses, Beef Sticks and Sausages, Shelf Stable Cookies, and Gummis.

Recommended: Groups of any size 

Brochures and Collection Envelopes: Optional, and are shipped free. Contact us if you wish to add brochures to your online store 

Minimum Order: None

Shipping Fee:  Based on customer orders, paid by the customer.

Customer Payments:  Credit Card or Debit Card

FALL/HOLIDAY 2021: Click on image above to view a sampling of online items available

Goodies and Gifts Touchless Fundraiser Profit

"Hi Deb! 


I can't believe we are $40.00 away from 10,000.00!!!!  Too cool!  The kids did a great job this year!  Starting early was key, as well as the offering on the wax melts! I'm so surprised how well those sold!  I'm hoping we get a few stragglers on Monday! I'd love to see a $5,000 profit. Thank you for a great sheet of product!" 


Craig, Vocal Director



Oh, my gosh!!  We just closed our fundraiser and our cheerleaders have collected over $12,000 so far and we still have late orders coming in!  I'm so excited! I'll let you know when we are all done.

Thank you so much for a great fundraiser. I never expected we'd sell so many candles and we've sold more more wax melts than I ever expected. We are so glad we chose LaTeeDa!  Thank you Deb!


Michelle, Cheer Coach

We offer up to 50% profit, FREE pack-by-seller, free brochures, no up-front costs, and fast shipping.  Our candles and wax melts are easy to sell, are loved by customers, and with FREE pack-by-seller, our LaTeeDa! Candle Fundraising Brochure is a great choice for school fundraising ideas, especially PTA and PTO fundraisers. 

40% Profit

for your organization!


Paid by customers - No added cost for your organization!

Click on our traditional brochures to view a sampling of items in our online stores

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How Does the Goodies and Gifts 100% Touchless Fundraiser Work?

Easy Fundraising Steps from Start to Finish: 

- Your school or organization can sign up by clicking on this link:   SIGN UP NOW

- There is no need for anyone to sell face-to-face with a brochure and order form. An online store is an incredible option that can help your sellers expand their sales well beyond your local community by inviting friends and family throughout the U.S. to support their fundraiser!

- The sign-up form is very simple and once completed your online store will be immediately activated and you'll be ready to raise funds! Important: Your fundraiser starts when you invite your sellers and promote it, so setting it up ahead of time is not a problem! Your fundraiser ends when you tell us to turn it off.

- You are moments away from your online fundraiser with hundreds of fun and unique items for your supporters.

- There is no upfront cost or obligation and once you start, purchases immediately earn profit for your group


Promoting your Online Store:

You can include your custom link on your organization's website, through email promotion, social media, or any other method of distribution. 

As the chairperson/coordinator of your organization, you can invite and build a team of sellers to promote your fundraiser.

Once you have signed up, you will be automatically logged into your coordinator login where you can see your registered sellers and sales for each seller.

Your sellers will be able to promote the fundraiser via their member pages. Chairperson/coordinators will need to invite their sellers into the online store where they will create their own member login in order to participate and share the fundraiser as well.

Your organization will earn a 40% profit on the retail dollar sold. As an option, you can choose to accept cash donations with you sign up. Your organization will earn a 70% profit on cash donations.

Great Selection of Items! 

The Goodies and Gifts Online Fundraiser offers a large assortment of products to sell. Your customers will choose from cookies, dry mixes, chocolates, snack cans, cheeses, wild game sausage, wild game beef sticks, all-occasion gift wrap, Christmas gift wrap, boxes, bags, tags, wall decor, jewelry, candles, coloring books, dip mixes, pretzels, funnel cake mix, muffins, soup mixes, pizza recipes, cinnamon roll baking kit, Gummi candies, and many kitchen items.

Student Success:

The key to a successful online fundraiser is to assure your students register as a seller and be sure they use our email generator to invite all their friends and family to shop on your Goodies and Gifts online store. Additionally, all sellers should take advantage of using our social media tool and send out their unique online store link by text. Follow up and reminders to your sellers as well as the seller's sending follow up and reminders to their family and friends will be the key to success.

Brochure Fundraising Option:

This program is 100% touchless but should you decide to also offer a traditional brochure fundraiser contact us and we can ship any of our Otis Fundraising brochures, Extravaganza Reserve, Indulgence Collection, Sweet Shop Cookies brochures, etc. should you combine online sales with a brochure sale, the items purchased whether Ship-to-Home or Ship-to-Group are applied to the 400 item requirement for free brochure sales shipping. For example, if you have a group that sells 200 items ship-to-home, and 200 items ship-to-group, regardless of whether it is frozen or non-frozen, your group would meet the 400 item goal. Adding a traditional brochure sale is risk-free! Call us at 860-384-3691 to choose your brochure(s).

Setting Goals and Tips to Increase Sales:

Explain your fundraising goals with your members, set a minimum number of items for each participant to sell, and our large selection of items by sharing their online store shopping link to their friends, and family. Mom and Dad can share the link with their co-workers, friends, etc. who can then also share the link with others. 


Closing your Fundraiser:

At the conclusion of your selling period (we recommend 2-4 weeks) let us know and we'll close your online store.  We'll send you a check for your profit with sales reports.

Have questions? Ready to get started?  Please call us! 

 We're committed to your success and we'll be here to work with you through each step of your fundraiser.  We offer extended office hours:

Monday-Friday 9 am - 9 pm and Sat-Sun 11 am - 6 pm EST  


102 Thompson St

S. Glastonbury, CT 06073

Proudly supporting fundraising organizations throughout the contiguous 48 states since 2002

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