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Start Fundraising Now with Gifts 'N Things Fundraising Brochures

Thank you for choosing our Gifts 'N Things brochure(s) for your upcoming fundraiser!

Please click on the link below to review the Fundraising Agreement, then call us! We'll help you to either complete the form or we'll fill it out for you and then email it you for your signature.  Be sure to sign the form, and then return to us by scanning and emailing the form to us.  Please do not fax the agreement.  The print is small and too difficult to read when faxed.

Gifts 'N Things Brochures:


Happy Spring

Winter Wonderland

Gourmet Goodness

If you are just searching for fundraising ideas and just want information please click on the link below:

We look forward to sharing our fundraising ideas with you and helping you to achieve a very successful fundraiser!

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