EPIC DESSERTS Pie Fundraiser Brochure

Delightful Pie Fall Fundraiser for Thankgiving and Christmas Fundraising Ideas

Due to the pandemic, this product will return in 2023.

We invite you to consider our SIMPLY DELICIOUS brochure for desserts and more.

EPIC Pie Fundraising Brochure
EPIC Pie Fundraising Brochure

Our Epic Desserts Fundraiser offers a selection of pies and cheesecake

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Epic Desserts Order Form
Epic Desserts Order Form

Epic Desserts fundraising brochure order form

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EPIC Pie Fundraising Brochure
EPIC Pie Fundraising Brochure

Our Epic Desserts Fundraiser offers a selection of pies and cheesecake

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Profit: Earn 40% profit 

Price Range: $17-$21 for Pies, $26 for Cheesecake

Number of pages: 1 page, with an order form on the back

Number of items: 7

Description: Thaw & Serve, and Bake & Serve our award-winning 10" pies, and a 12-Slice Variety Cheesecake, with each slice a different flavor

Recommended for:  Groups of 30+ selling average of 15+ items

Minimum Order:  100 items

Case Requirements:  Pies are ordered in cases of 6, same flavor.

Upfront Costs:  None. Brochures, order forms, collection envelopes are shipped free. 

Electronic Payment by Customers: Yes!  More Info

Online Sales Option: Yes!  More Info

Pack-By-Seller:  No, Pies are shipped bulk and in cases of 6

Shipping:  $1.00 / item charge below 400 items

Purchase Orders: Public schools are eligible for 15-day invoice terms

Payment:  Organization, Business, or Cashier's Check, Money Order. Credit Cards are accepted for an added fee.

Note: This brochure is not available in TX, NM, AZ, CA, OR, WA, ID, NV, UT, MT, WY, CO, NE, SD, ND, MN

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EPIC DESSERTS Pie Fundraiser Profit

40% Profit

$1.00 / item charge below 400 items



300 items sold = $100 fee.


sales of under 100 items may be canceled at the discretion of UNIPAK Supply

How our EPIC DESSERTS Pie Fundraiser Works

1.  Request your brochures by your completing a Fundraising Purchase and Reservation Agreement and returning it to us by fax to 410-630-7080 or scan/email to deb@best-fundraising-ideas.com Be sure to print the form and sign the agreement.  We will ship you 1 brochure for each of your participants. 


2. Explain your fundraising goals with your members, set a minimum number of items for each participant to sell, and sell our EPIC DESSERTS pies and cheesecake by showing the brochure to co-workers, friends, and family. In addition to traditional payment methods, your customers can now use their own devices to process payments on an encrypted, secure payment portal.  Learn more HERE.


3. At the conclusion of your selling period (we recommend 2-3 weeks) collect the order forms and money from your sellers.  Tally the number of items sold and complete a master order form we will provide to you. Pie orders are ordered in cases of 6, same flavor.  Extra pies can easily be sold when families pick up their fundraising orders. The additional sales will help increase your profit.  You can either mail your order forms to the company and we will then complete an invoice for you.  You can also submit your master order form to us by fax or scan/email the form to us, or by simply calling our office at 860-384-3691. 


4. Once we receive your order, we will enter it into our order system and send you an invoice which will include the cost of your products and shipping if less than 400 items are sold. $1 per item is charged for each item less than 400 items sold. For example, if your organization sells 350 items, a $50 shipping fee would be added. 


5. After reviewing the invoice you can pay by mailing us a school/business check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. You can also call and pay by Visa or Master Card. We do accept purchase orders from public schools with 15 days payment agreement and will release your order to be shipped upon receipt of a valid purchase order.

6. Upon receipt of payment or purchase order, your order will be processed and the products will be shipped to you for distribution to your sellers. Frozen food fundraisers will require a refrigerated delivery to a location with refrigeration. The delivery date and time will be scheduled by the shipper, and the organization will need to have someone available to receive the delivery.  Organizations are not able to request a specific delivery date and time. 

7. Your organization keeps the profit you earned upfront.   We do our best to ship your packed-by-seller order within 2-3 weeks from the date we receive your order forms.   Orders ship generally in 2 weeks after the order has been received.  Please allow an additional 3-4 days for transportation time.


EPIC DESSERTS cheesecake Flavors





















Reasons Why to Choose our EPIC DESSERTS Pie Fundraising Brochure

Our pies arrive either ready to bake and serve, or thaw and serve, and are ready to be enjoyed anytime at a family dinner, to celebrate the holidays, or to bring with you to a special event. Our signature pies will make any time special!  From Classic Baked Apple Pie to Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, to Pecan we surely offer something appealing for everyone!


Raising money through fundraisers is essential to almost every organization across our nation, whether it be a school, a youth sports team, a non-profit organization, or numerous groups who are depending upon raising money to support their programs.  New Fundraising Ideas has partnered with EPIC DESSERTS to help you easily raise those funds.  Our goal is to provide extraordinary items your customers will appreciate all while providing you with an easy to sell, highly profitable fundraiser.  With a commitment to excellence in customer service, we will help you to have an easy and successful fundraiser.


Award-winning, EPIC DESSERTS fundraising is a fun, and easy fundraiser idea we invite you to try!  Why not raise money by offering something everybody enjoys and buys?  Everyone loves pie and our products are a tasty and great way to raise funds!


We invite you to call or email us if you have questions, want to receive free information or brochures to start selling.  Discover just how easy and successful it can be to raise money with EPIC DESSERTS pie fundraising!

Tons of Prizes Fundraiser Brochure.png

Unipak Fundraising Prize Program 

With our Unipak Fundraising Prize Brochure, students can earn up to 11 prizes! like an Amazon Echo Dot, a $50 Amazon Gift Card, an Inflatable Sofa, Wireless Crystal Ball Speaker, and a Fast charge Phone Stand! The more you sell, the more prizes you'll earn. 

Our prize program is available for youth organizations only and prizes are awarded for individual participants, not as an accumulation of the total number of items sold.

Each seller receives a prize brochure.

Students need to sell only 1 item to earn a prize.

All prizes earned are provided free of charge to your organization.

Prizes are packed with your student orders.

Tons of Prizes Fundraiser Brochure
Tons of Prizes Fundraiser Brochure

Unipak Supply Fundraising Prize brochure

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Unipak Supply Prize Program 2
Unipak Supply Prize Program 2

Unipak Supply Fundraising Prize brochure page 2

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Unipak Supply Prize Program 4
Unipak Supply Prize Program 4

Unipak Supply Fundraising Prize brochure page 4

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Tons of Prizes Fundraiser Brochure
Tons of Prizes Fundraiser Brochure

Unipak Supply Fundraising Prize brochure

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Have questions? Ready to get started?  Please call us! 

We're committed to your success and we'll be here to work with you through each step of your fundraiser.  We offer extended office hours:

Monday-Friday 9 am - 9 pm and Sat-Sun 11 am - 6 pm EST