Chocolate Indulgence Fundraiser Idea - Mouth-Watering Chocolate Fundraiser

Our Chocolate Indulgence fundraising brochure is a great choice for any size organization

Profit: Earn 40%-45% Profit

Price Range: All chocolate selections are just $10

Number of pages: 4 pages, including an order form

Number of items: 10                                 

Description: A mouth-watering selection of gourmet chocolates. 

Recommended for:  Groups of 10+ selling an average of 2 items x the number of brochures shipped

Minimum Order:  None

Case Requirements:  None.  Order only what you sell

Upfront Costs:  None. Brochures, order forms, collection envelopes are shipped free.

Pack-By-Seller:  Orders are shipped bulk or packed-by-seller for free with just 200 or more items sold. 

Shipping:  Free 

Purchase Orders: Public schools are eligible for 15-day invoice terms

Payment:  Organization, Business, Cashier's Check, Money Order or Credit Card

Chocolate Indulgence Fundraiser Profit


Bonus: Sell 1,500 items and receive 45% Profit!

Receive Free Pack-By-Seller and FREE Shipping, 

There's NO Upfront Cost for brochures and NO Fee for brochures with just an average of 2 items sold per the number of brochures shipped

"Hi Deb! 


I can't believe we are $40.00 away from 10,000.00!!!!  Too cool!  The kids did a great job this year!  Starting early was key, as well as the offering on the wax melts! I'm so surprised how well those sold!  I'm hoping we get a few stragglers on Monday! I'd love to see a $5,000 profit. Thank you for a great sheet of product!" 


Craig, Vocal Director



Oh, my gosh!!  We just closed our fundraiser and our cheerleaders have collected over $12,000 so far and we still have late orders coming in!  I'm so excited! I'll let you know when we are all done.

Thank you so much for a great fundraiser. I never expected we'd sell so many candles and we've sold more more wax melts than I ever expected. We are so glad we chose LaTeeDa!  Thank you Deb!


Michelle, Cheer Coach

We offer up to 50% profit, FREE pack-by-seller, free brochures, no up-front costs, and fast shipping.  Our candles and wax melts are easy to sell, are loved by customers, and with FREE pack-by-seller, our LaTeeDa! Candle Fundraising Brochure is a great choice for school fundraising ideas, especially PTA and PTO fundraisers. 

How our Chocolate Indulgence Fundraiser Works

Request your Chocolate Indulgence brochures by your completing a Fundraising Request Form. Following receipt of your information, we will complete a Project Agreement and email it to for your signature. Please print, complete the information requested, and then submit it us by fax to 410-630-7080, or scan/email the information to  You can also just call us and we can take the information by phone. We will complete a Project Agreement for you to sign and return.  We will then ship one chocolate Indulgence brochure for each of your participants along with order forms and collection envelopes. You can begin your fundraiser in about a week.


Be sure you explained your fundraising goals and have required a minimum number of items to be sold by each participant.  Motivate and encourage your participants! Encourage your participants to show the Chocolate Indulgence fundraiser brochure to their co-workers, friends, and family.  Have your participants to ask their friends, family co-workers to help them sell as well!


Customer checks, if taken, are made payable to your organization. Check in with your participants throughout your selling period and make several reminders to keep selling.  Collect all order forms and payments at the end of your selling period.  There are no minimums required to submit an order, but we encourage you to sell at least 200 items to receive free pack-by-seller. There are no shipping costs added to your order.


At the conclusion of your selling period (we recommend 2-3 weeks) collect the order forms and money from your sellers.  Order only what you sell! We will provide you with an address for returning your seller's order forms or you can fax or email them as well. Your orders will be shipped packed-by-seller with 200 or more items. There are no case requirements for our Chocolate Indulgence fundraiser!  


Once we receive your order forms, we will enter it into our order system and you'll be emailed an invoice by the billing department for the total due. Your organization will keep your profit. We will also email reports for your sales including a break down for what each participant sold, the total number of items, and the retail sales.


After reviewing the invoice you can pay by mailing us a school/business check or money order along with a copy of your invoice.  You can also call and pay by Visa or Master Card. We request payment be made as quickly as possible and must be received before your packed order can be shipped. We do accept purchase orders from public schools with 15 days payment agreement.


Once shipped, we will send you an email with a link to track your shipment.


Note: We recommend submitting your order forms by Nov 15th to assure delivery before Christmas.

Chocolate Indulgence $10 Fundraiser Brochure 

Celebrating and creating special memories with family and friends is the essence of our Chocolate Indulgence fundraising brochure.  If you are searching for a new fundraising idea for a Daycare Fundraiser, an Elementary School Fundraiser, a Middle School Fundraiser, a sports team fundraiser, a church fundraiser, or any other group large or small you've found a wonderful fundraising idea with CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE.  Our chocolate fundraiser brochure is a perfect choice for fundraising sales and truly offers something for everyone. 


Be sure to view our chocolate fundraiser to see 4 beautiful offering 10 delicious chocolate items including: Chocolate Peanuts, Chocolate Raisins, Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate Almonds, Malted Milk Balls, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Pecan Caramel Clusters, Peanut Caramel Clusters, Cherry Cordials, and Peanut Butter Bears.   You'll earn 40%-45% Profit, there are No Minimums, and you'll receive FREE Brochures, FREE Youth Prize Programs, FREE Pack-by-Seller, and FREE Shipping.  You'll have a Chocolate Indulgence with your successful fundraiser!

Our $10 Chocolate Indulgence Selections are very Affordable and Easy to Sell!

Supporters will enjoy selecting items from so many unique items offered in our Chocolate Indulgence fundraising brochure and they will appreciate the affordable pricing.  With all items priced at just $10, they are very easy to sell and our Chocolate Indulgence fundraising brochure will surely be a hit this season!  Watch your average sale per customer soar with this brochure!  Your participants can easily sell to their family members, friends, neighbors, and Chocolate Indulgence will be an easy brochure for family members to share at work and other activities they are involved with.  With many wonderful chocolates to choose from, your seller's family will surely choose to purchase chocolates for themselves as well which will help to increase your overall participation.  Your supporters will be happy to purchase chocolates for their own enjoyment and for gift-giving. 

Reasons Why to Choose our Chocolate Indulgence Fundraising Brochure

Our Chocolate Indulgence brochure will certainly become a top performing fundraising brochure and a great choice for any organization.  With NO UPFRONT COST FOR BROCHURES, a great FREE PRIZE PROGRAM, a wonderful selection of affordable chocolates, and FREE PACK-BY-SELLER, Chocolate Indulgence is an absolutely perfect fundraising idea for School fundraisers including Elementary School fundraisers, middle school fundraisers, and even Pre-School Fundraisers!  If you are searching for a PTA Fundraiser or PTO fundraiser Chocolate Indulgence is the brochure you are searching for!


For smaller groups, such as a school band fundraiser, a sports team fundraiser, or a youth organization fundraiser, Chocolate Indulgence is still a great choice!  There are NO UPFRONT COSTS, NO MINIMUMS, AND NO CASE REQUIREMENTS, even for organizations with a few sellers.  Very few fundraising programs today offer no minimums with FREE SHIPPING and still offer 40% profit!  Chocolate Indulgence offers a wide variety of unique items and can easily be offered by any organization large or small.  Your supporters will also appreciate the opportunity to purchase items that are family oriented instead of many of the commonly held fundraisers.  You and your supporters will love this refreshing new fundraiser idea!


We'll ship your brochures right away, and you can begin your fundraiser in about a week.  Our fabulous selection of chocolates are easy to sell and easy for you to generate high fundraising sales. Your order will be packed-by-seller if you sell just 200 or more items.  Your customers will love their purchases and you'll EARN 40-45% PROFIT and FREE SHIPPING.

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