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Using blocks instead of books will be much easier to get the correct placements and desired heights. RS, WM, and Oil is a cluster of overlapping room spray, wax melts, and essential oil. Above right is a very rough draft of the concept. The cluster could be either on the right side as labeled or on the left if you moved the nutcracker a bit to the left and Lg Jar Candle a bit to the right, essentially flipping the photo over. You'd also want to change the order of the cluster in reverse as well....RS, WM, and Oil. 


Another consideration is to use more depth. You could place the RS, WM, & Oil further back in the photo. Again, keeping it minimalistic, very few and simple touches with decor items, simply stated, and using blocks, wood, stone, or SMALL gift wrapped box/container/block etc. In this example, I'd close the gaps and move the items closer together, left to right, but again, placing the RS, WM, an Oil cluster further back would enable you to use more of the space to show the nutcracker and Large Jar Candle larger on the page.

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